6 Hip Opening Stretches to Prepare For Childbirth

Once you reach the second and third trimester of your pregnancy, you’re probably thinking ahead to delivery and you may even be a little anxious. that’s OK!. The good news is that there are a number of ways that you can get your body ready for birth. More content I know you’ll love: Best Labor […]

Best Labor Positions for Birth (with pictures and examples)

Best positions and movement for birth and pregnancy The labor positions that you choose play a very essential role in birth. It speeds up birth and it also facilitates safe delivery. Most positions can be done without equipment. Before you choose which labor positions are right for you, I have put together this post to […]

Birth Myths That Will Scare You Out of a Natural Birth (5 mythbusters!)

Busting the 5 most common myths about giving birth Being a parent is one of the most challenging things ever. As a pregnant women, you’ll always be told a lot of stories relating to labor, birth, and parenthood. While 80% of these stories are worthwhile, the remaining 20% is misleading and could cause unnecessary fears. […]

6 Magical Benefits of a Natural Birth

Reasons to have a natural birth There are two birth options medicated and unmedicated. ✅ If you are super serious and determined to have a natural birth then you would completely benefit from checking out Mommy Labor Nurse, she is a labor and delivery nurse who specialized in all kinds of births (especially natural ones). […]

How to Create a Solid Birth Plan {exactly what to include & request}

Birth plans for first time moms The most important day of a mom’s life is when she is giving birth. It is a period that you have to make major decisions on how you want your labor and delivery to be and still make some wishes. Well, I know you have heard about creating a […]

7+ Super Helpful Tips for A Natural Birth in A Hospital Setting

How to have the most natural birth in a hospital Having a natural birth is a desire of every mom. Approximately 85% of women anticipate having a natural birth. It is possible to have a successful one. There are also lots of benefits that are associated with having a natural birth. I have decided to […]