5 Ways to Relieve Delivery Day Anxiety

Childbirth is one of the most notable experiences in a women’s life. The millennium development goals focus on reducing infant mortality rates by 75%. However, there is a lot of tension that is associated with birth that can lead to anxiety for you… Well, there are ways on how you can deal with anxiety but […]

How to Take the Fear Out of Giving Birth for the First Time

Overcoming fear of childbirth When you are pregnant for the first time it is a wonderful experience. The only problem is that you are surrounded by everybody else’s birthing stories. Some of these stories can make you feel intimidated or even scared for your first-time labor experience. A great way to take the fear out […]

How To NOT Poop During Labor and Delivery

How to avoid pooping while giving birth Of all the activities that a mother goes through while delivering that 5 to 8-pound person pooping is not what you would want. You will be concentrating more on the being you are bringing to life that you won’t notice the mess. After delivery and settling, this is […]