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15 Helpful Tips For Morning Sickness And How Long It Will Last

15 Helpful Tips For Morning Sickness And How Long It Will Last

Helpful tips for morning sickness. How long wil morning sickness last? #morningsickness #pregnancy #habitatformom


“Congratulations, you are pregnant!”

So, you probably just heard these words from your doctor who you visited possibly to get a second-opinion.

After using the pregnancy test kit or after noticing an unusual lateness of your monthly period and/or extreme nausea and vomiting.

Morning sickness.

These two symptoms have been found to be the most common symptoms of pregnancy in women.

The term ‘morning sickness’ should not confuse you as you will soon find that nausea and sometimes vomiting that is characteristic of this experience could occur at any time of the day.

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How Long Does Morning Sickness Last For?

Because morning sickness is usually accompanied by uneasiness.

Which a lot of women don’t like, many want to know…

how long it will last:

  1. Start: Morning sickness usually kicks in in the early part of the first trimester; anytime between the 4th – 6th weeks of pregnancy.
  2. End: The whole duration of morning sickness could vary from woman to woman based on some generic or physiological factors but while a lot of women feel complete relief at the end of their first trimester, some feel relieved at the initial part of their second trimester, i.e 16-20 weeks of pregnancy.
  3. Later occurrence: in some few cases, it has been observed that morning sickness returns during the later course of pregnancy as well.

How Can I Ease My Morning Sickness?

The fact that morning sickness leaves many women feeling miserable, it makes you seek ways to alleviate the accompanying sensations…

Today I have got some very helpful tips to help you get through the morning sickness so you can do more important things like prepare for your baby to arrive!

Some of the things you can do are:

  1. Ensure you are well-rested. Take lots of naps.
  2. Ensure your stomach is never empty. But do not eat large portions in one sitting. Rather, eat small meals frequently.
  3. Keep snacks and fluid handy.
  4. Cold water/beverages/sour drinks/ sports drinks help a lot. Pick your preference and always have this handy.
  5. Stick to cold foods as hot foods can trigger your nausea.
  6. Eat foods with high protein and carbohydrate content.
  7. Do not rush your meals and do not lie down immediately after eating.
  8. Get up slowly after waking up.
  9. Try as much as possible to eat only bland foods like rice, pasta, potatoes, crackers, and cereals.
  10. Know your go-to meal for nausea and snack on this often. If your tastes change, get a new go-to meal.
  11. Steer clear of non-food triggers like the smell from cluttered fridges or trashcans.
  12. Ensure rooms are well aerated.
  13. Try ginger and/or peppermint based products.
  14. Use an acupressure band.
  15. Try aromatherapy. You can get a diffuser for your rooms/car/workspace, you can have cut lemons or oranges handy or you can carry a scent-saturated handkerchief around.

Although morning sickness could affect your lifestyle and relationship with others, it remains an integral part of pregnancy and like many others, this phase too shall pass.

As such, enjoy the thrills of pregnancy as much as you can!

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