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When I first had my baby everyone told me how lucky I was that he was sooo quiet.

Little did I know it was only because I opted for an epidural that he was probably just feeling the effects of it.

That’s what I believe at least because what happened next I was not prepared for…

Once we got home everything changed.

That night I will never forget the reality of the situation. Not to mention I had an emergency C section so I was in a ton of pain.

He started screaming, and screaming, and screaming.

how to get a fussy colic baby to sleep tips

He would not stop for anything. I dealt with this for almost 5 months. Calling friends and family crying and wondering what I was doing wrong.

I knew I had to do something, or I would literally lose my mind…

Had to pull my mommy pants up!

I am going to walk you through all of the steps I took to get my fussy baby to sleep through the night.

One night it got so bad that I had to bring him into the hospital. He cried so badly he lost his breath and it freaked this first-time mom out, I took him in right away.

Only to find out, and I already knew this anyway… He was colic!

Before I brought him in I tried so many techniques and tips that just didn’t work out for us…


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4 things I personally tried that failed and quite possibly might have led to his colic being worse than it should have been:

  •  Not breastfeeding long enough.
  •  Changing his formula too soon.
  • Switching up his bedtime routine too often.
  • Using an array of different types of bottles.

How I got my fussy baby to sleep through the night?

I created a bedtime routine and stuck to it first and foremost!

The Dr. who saw my son had 3 colic babies of his own so he knew first hand on how to handle the situation.

We took his advice and ran with it along with some of our own founded techniques…

Switched his formula yet again.. I know I know.. but it was worth it.

So I put him on a formula called Enfamil Nutramigen with Enflora LGG Infant Formula, It looks like this:

It was the ONLY thing that his tummy really liked. The Dr. we saw specifically recommended it and told us this is the only thing he used for his 3 colic babies as well.

This formula is specifically made for colic babies or any baby who has excessive gas.

Less gas, less crying – less crying, more sleeping!

You can check out the current prices here.

I also mixed some baby cereal in with the formula which was very beneficial as to how long he slept at night.

We threw out all of the bottles except for our Dr. Browns Original Bottles, went straight to Amazon and stocked up on those things…

Yes, I know they can be quite annoying to clean and have lots of parts to them.

But if you develop a system you will get the hang of it.

These bottles reduce gas from colic or fussy babies and help them fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer!

It is by far one of the TOP reasons why my babies crying subsided dramatically.

I wholeheartedly believe that with every fiber of my body.

You can find the current prices here.

I also threw in some Mommy’s Bliss Gripe Water Night Time (when he was old enough) with the formula before bed. That served as an extra calming barrier for him.

For a while there I was using a vacuum for white noise (wasn’t very safe, I don’t recommend it to anyone) because I discovered he fell asleep pretty quickly to the sound.

Until I invested in a sound machine and we were golden!

I started using the Munchkin Nursery Projector and Sound System and it worked just fine for our needs. He liked to look at the lights on the ceiling from the projector.

Although the projector (not the sound) stopped working (pictures on the wall still worked it just stopped moving around) after a month or so…

So if I had to do it all over again I’d probably get a better/simpler one.

Being the minimalist mommy I’m striving to be lately, I would definitely opt for something like this instead. It doesn’t take up much room and it is adorable!

Can’t forget…

I followed the steps in The Happiest Baby On The Block DVD!

This was part of his bedtime routine of course! We also used this technique for naptime as well or anytime he was feeling fussy really.

It truly helped calm him down and let him sleep. Which is the goal here guys am I right?

You can find the current prices here

Final Thoughts:

I just want to say that having a colic baby is not the end of the world.

I know I thought it was and you probably feel like it is right now but this too shall pass. Long gone will be the days your baby is crying nonstop and it seems like there is no end in sight!

Trust me I know, I get it completely.

The suggestions I am giving you above are just what worked for me and my baby. I am not saying that if you get all of these things that it will work for you.

I don’t expect it to work for everyone anyway. Every baby is different!

With that being said, It doesn’t hurt to try. I know I tried everything in the book!

And I am hoping I at least help one mommy today. Maybe that is you? 🙂

If you liked this article on How I got my fussy baby to sleep through the night or have any questions let me know below in the comment section!


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