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New Mom Tips, What You Need To Do When You Find Out You Are Pregnant

New Mom Tips, What You Need To Do When You Find Out You Are Pregnant





Did you just find out you’re pregnant? Are you wondering what to do now?


A myriad of emotions is running through your mind.


You are staring at unmistakable two lines on the test strip you just got from the pharmacy; those two lines prove that you are indeed pregnant.


Right now you are freaking out and that is okay because whether you are a first-time mom or not, pregnancy is a huge deal and no two experiences are ever the same.


Let me say that It is absolutely okay to panic, the good thing is your panic brought you here and we are here to help you navigate what will undeniably be the best and possibly not-so-best period of your life.


Read on to find out some helpful tips you need to know now that you are pregnant.


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See A Doctor


First things first, go see your doctor and have a blood test done.


I like to call this the confirmation test. Sometimes, the test strips are not entirely fool-proof; it doesn’t hurt to be absolutely certain before taking the next step.


Once your blood test results confirm you are positive, the next thing to do is to share the good news with your partner, and family.


Trust me, you need all the support you can get on this 9-month journey.


Register With An Obstetrician


The next step is to register with an obstetrician and work out a schedule for your antenatal care, it is important to choose a doctor that you trust, one that you can talk to without restrictions.


This is very important as your body will go through a lot of changes during this period, these changes will present themselves as different symptoms.


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Pay attention to your body and the changes, and don’t be afraid to ask questions no matter how inconsequential it may seem especially if you are a first-time mom.


Drink more water


When I was pregnant with Nicky I thought I was drinking enough water. I wasn’t.


I kept waking up with a horribly dry mouth, so at my next Dr. visit I mentioned it to him and he told me I need to be drinking way more water than I already was.


I honestly didn’t think that was the problem. But it was.


So please do yourself a solid and keep a water bottle in your hand like it is your job. Because it basically is.


You gotta keep yourself healthy and that baby growing and water is a major key!


You should generally be drinking 10 cups per day.


A fun app I like to have to remind me to drink water is this one



Go Shopping


Now that you have registered for your antenatal care, whip out the credit cards it’s time to go shopping!


You will need a number of items for the journey and what better time to start preparing than now?


Top of the list of things you need is clothes.


Baby clothes, maternity clothes, post-pregnancy clothes and other baby items.


You might be tempted to go overboard with your shopping and splurge, but don’t because right now, you need all the money you can get.


Use Ebates

It will interest you to know that you can get paid while shopping when you use EBATES.

EBATES is an online company that partners with other companies and shares their referral check with you for purchases made on their website or on referrals.

I have a super simple tutorial on How to Use Ebates to Save Money & Get Cash Back here.

Document your pregnancy


Get a pregnancy journal, record everything from the changes you are experiencing in your body to how you are feeling, what you are craving, your sleep patterns and how these changes affect your general wellbeing.


This might seem irrelevant but it will help you keep track and understand your body better.


Document The Moments


In line with documenting your pregnancy journey, make sure you take lots of pictures!


This might not seem like an important tip, but it can be fun. You can decide to take pictures weekly, monthly or on every trimester.


The essence of documenting your pregnancy is to give you something to look back on and show your children when they’re older how your body changed with them growing inside.


Nine months might seem like a long time, but it will fly by before you know it


Track your babies growth and development


There are a ton of apps out there that will allow you to track your babies growth and development.


When I fould out I was pregnant thats the very first thing I did. I searched and installed a free baby tracking app.


Heres the one I used, you can search for it in the app store…



This little free app was so fun for me!


I genuinely looked forward to getting updates every day and staying informed every step of my pregnancy journey.


I know you will too.


Prepare financially


now is the perfect time to start brainstorming ways to save money.


From here on out your going to want to be keeping your money on your mind. (and your mind on your money). See what I did there? 🙂


I touched on eBates earlier in this post and love the way you can save money and get paid to shop through the website.


If you are still not doing the eBates thing, you can sign up Here and get a free $10 gift card!


Have you signed up for Amazon Prime yet?


Amazon Prime is a must-have for new parents.


You can save money by joining and getting free 2-day shipping on all eligible orders.


You will enjoy saving money on all of your babies must-haves like diapers, wipes, and even formula if you are formula feeding.


Really, you can basically get everything you need with the click of a button.


With the benefit of Amazon Prime, you will get these things in literally 2 days for FREE.


You can sign up now and get a 30 day FREE trial here…



Lastly, enjoy your journey mama! 🙂


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