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Hey there! My name is Jennifer LoVerde…

I am a mom of one handsome little boy.

I studied early childhood education at a local college in Florida and spent 10+ years working with children specifically in the infant rooms, changing multiple diapers a day, bottle feeding, rocking them to sleep, following each parent preferred schedule and implementing daily activities.

I remember going to summer camp as a small child at a local preschool in my neighborhood. After spending time looking in the infant room window every day during camp, I decided I knew what I wanted to do when I grew up!

I even told the director working at the front desk I will work here when I get older.

That dream came true!

Professional Qualifications:

  • Florida Department Of Childcare Training Certificate – Introduction to Child Care (ICC)
  • Florida Department Of Childcare Training Certificate – Behavioral Observation and Screening (10Hr) (BOS)
  • Florida Department Of Childcare Training Certificate – Infant and Toddler Appropriate Practices Training (ITP)

Advocating for little humans is amazing! I enjoyed spending my days with the cutest little baby’s and getting to know each little personality.

Working with infants and helping their parents with questions and struggles to new parenthood has truly been such an amazing fulfillment in my life.

In 2013 I had my own baby.

I knew I wanted to be home with him and soak up these special once in a lifetime moments. So I quit my full-time preschool job and started a business at home.

I also knew I wanted to continue educating and helping new and expectant mamas.

Why I started Habitat for Mom

Pregnancy and infant care go hand in hand. Taking care of your body even before your baby is born sets the foundation for when your little one transitions earthside.

Taking care of an infant as a new mom can also be overwhelming and exhausting.

This is where my pregnancy and childcare experience plays a major role in Habitat for Mom.

I am providing you the same knowledge and education that I gave hundreds of parents with infants in my care throughout the years to help them gain confidence and make mom life more manageable.

As a new or expectant mama, your time is limited, you have so many things to think about.

I am 100% confident that the tips and resources you find at Habitat for Mom helps you during your pregnancy journey, caring for your newborn after birth, into new motherhood and beyond!

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