Do Guys Go to Birthing Classes? (yes! and here’s why…)

Are you going to be a dad? Congratulations! But have you done enough preparations for that?

Well, you have provided all the support your wife needs throughout the pregnancy, attended all the antenatal visits, nodded with excitement during the ultrasound, and ensured you’re all ready to receive your bundle of joy.

However, there is still one more thing you haven’t done. You’re not yet ready to be a dad.

If you are wondering what the best kind of prenatal class for couples is It’s this one! Taught by an amazing prenatal class instructor and labor and delivery nurse, online, on demand and at your own pace!

P.S. If you are a mama to be wondering if you should bring your guy to a birthing class the answer is yes! and here’s why…

Reasons Why Guys Should Attend Birthing Classes with Their Partner

So, do guys go to birthing classes? Yes! Birthing classes are all about fatherhood, and every father to be must attend them.

Birthing classes are not just for women because parental responsibility is not just going to be on the mother.

It is a pity most men have to be dragged by their partners to attend the classes.

Come to think about it.

Men don’t go through those emotional changes, cravings, or hormonal changes. You won’t even feel the kicks. Well, unless you decide to feel it from the outside.

So why even bother?

How do you kick start the preparation process for the arrival of your new member of the family?

The answer to this is childbirth classes.

Attending childbirth classes with your partner is the best thing you can ever do.

Your partner needs to feel the support.

Your wife will be happy to know that you’re in this together, and she’s not the only one sacrificing. Do you know where those moods swings come from?

A mix of hormones and possibly a mix of not being as involved as she wants you to be…

Attending childbirth classes is the best way to show your woman that you care, and you’re as excited as she is for the baby.

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Benefits of Birthing Classes for Men

Understanding your wife

It starts right from the conception stage, where you must understand what your wife is experiencing both emotionally and physically.

You need to spend all the time with her and offer all the support necessary.

Birthing classes will help you know what to do and guide you in everything you need to know in order to understand the situation.

A Chance to ask all your questions

The birth of a child comes with all the uncertainties, and you need to understand everything that comes with it.

There is no better place to ask all these questions and clear your doubts than a birthing class.

Whether you have those feeding questions, questions to do with diaper changing, what to do in the labor room, etc.

The birthing classes’ expert will be by your side to answer all these questions and clear your doubts on everything.

Gaining your confidence

Being a first-time dad is not easy. Just like the mother, fathers also get extremely nervous.

If you don’t address this before time, the nervousness may get on the way of your bonding time with your baby.

Most of these classes will address all the worries of dads, how to cope with labor, and the learning techniques, as well as all the terms you need to learn both during pregnancy and after birth.

Best Online Birthing Class for Couples

You won’t just attend birthing classes for the sake of it.

Finding the best online classes should be your priority.

If you’re really looking for the best, you should consider signing up for the prenatal class for couples by Hilary at pulling curls here.

Here are the reasons why you should choose these classes and not any other...

The couple’s portion. This course emphasizes the need to start everything off as a couple. Starting together gets you off on the right foot and helps build your relationship.

The tutor. The course won’t be worthwhile if the tutor is not experienced enough.

Don’t worry because Hilary’s prenatal course will be engaging and compact.

You get everything you need from an expert who has 15 years’ experience in prenatal. You can also get access to the pregnancy articles or newsletters she offers once you sign up. (which are gold btw)

Speed. Taking this course will not be a waste of time at all because she understands the value of time and ensures she covers quality content within a short time.

There are different options to communicate with Hilary if you have questions that need in-depth answers.

Cost. This course is worth your money considering all the help you’re going to get. You’re assured of nothing but value for your money.

This prenatal class for couples has a 30 day 100% money back guarantee too!

Get 10% off here with the code habitat10 🙂

What Do Guys Learn at a Birthing Class?

There is a lot to expect from a birthing class, including what to do during pregnancy, what to expect during labor, and how to behave after the arrival of the baby.

You’re going to learn how to care for your partner during the pregnancy period.

What food to eat, sleeping positions exercises to do, and everything you need to know to ensure maximum support.

When it comes to labor time, fathers learn various preparation techniques.

You learn all the stages of labor and how to support your partner throughout the entire labor period.

It helps you understand the importance of working together as a team even when things get tough and how to be strong for the love of your life.

When it’s finally time to take your bundle of joy home, you need to know how to ensure the baby’s comfort.

How to care for the baby, nappy changing, emergency needs, how to soothe the baby, etc. are everything you’ll be learning in your birthing classes.

These classes also start you off on the right track to bond with your newborn baby as the father since mother to child bonding will come naturally during the breastfeeding period.

You need not be left behind as a father!

What is the Fathers’ Role in a Birthing Class?

So, why are you here in the first place?

What are you doing in the birthing class as a father?

If you’re asking yourself those questions, then you can find your answers here.

Choosing a class

Most men leave their women to do all the work as they just wait to attend.

Your partner is already going through a lot with the pregnancy, and the least you can do is lend a helping hand finding the right birthing classes to attend right?!

It is your role to find a suitable class for both of you, the mother, and the two of you together.

Attend the class

Some men have one argument in common, ’I’m here because my wife made me attend.’

It shouldn’t be that way.

It’s your duty as a man to prepare for the birth of your child, and one of the ways to do it is to attend the birthing classes.

No one needs to push you to attend the classes as you’re equally excited and responsible for the coming of the baby.

You’re the coach

As far as you’ll be attending the classes together, your participation will be more important because you need to use the lessons to take care of your partner and take care of the baby when it arrives.

Your wife will be going through a lot with the pregnancy, and sometimes the teachings won’t get to her.

You need to be her couch and discuss these lessons with her later on.

You’re the one to practice these at home and remind your partner if there is anything she isn’t doing right.

Are Birthing Classes Worth It For Guys?

Birthing classes are worth all the time, money, and energy you’re going to spend on it.

Birthing classes are not just a preparation for the upcoming baby but actually something that can help you a lot as an individual and as a couple.

You can take these classes as a starting point for important discussions with your partner.

You’ll understand essential things, and you can discuss them together, prepare, and understand each other in the process.

You won’t believe it, but many couples tend to have a lot of disagreements during the pregnancy period because they don’t understand each other’s emotions.

Birthing classes will address all these and ensure you’re both on the same page throughout the nine months of pregnancy.

Birthing classes give you the opportunity to meet other people of the same stage of life.

Just like mothers, fathers also need that motivation.

Sharing ideas and encouraging one another is important for your emotional and mental wellbeing.

Wrap Up

There you have it. Birthing classes are not a bad idea for guys, after all.

The arrival of a baby is not something you can just take lightly and wait for it with your hands folded.

You need to make sure you do everything possible to ensure you’re all set to be a father right from the day your wife gets pregnant, to the delivery stage, and finally to taking care of your baby’s needs.

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Do Guys Go to Birthing Classes? (yes! and here’s why…)

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