My Anti-Bucket List – 31 Things I DON’T Want To Do As A Mom

Everyone is always making a bucket list of things to do before they die, or things to do before having a baby, or things to do with the kids. The list goes on.

What if I want to make an Anti-Bucket list?!

There is plenty of things I want to do as a mom, but there are also lots of things I DO NOT want to do as a mom.

Here is my anti-bucket list – things I DO NOT want to do as a mom

  1. Work too much and miss precious time
  2. Be the not so fun parent
  3. Always reprimand my child
  4. Fight with my child over every little thing
  5. Miss major milestones
  6. Neglect myself
  7. Lose sleep
  8. Live paycheck to paycheck
  9. Have no emergency savings in the bank account
  10. Have my child live in a home where love is not present
  11. Develop bad habits
  12. Be unprepared for everything
  13. Be late for everything
  14. Neglect my mental health
  15. Get frustrated all the time
  16. Lose interest in my own hobbies
  17. Have my child think it is OK to be treated badly by anyone
  18. Have my child think it is OK to be rude and disrespectful
  19. Throw my kids things away without asking
  20. Disrespect my child
  21. Teach my child it is OK not to share
  22. Have my child live in a messy and unorganized home
  23. Have a lack of communication between me and my child
  24. Beat myself up for little things
  25. Think I am a bad mother
  26. Stop my self-care routines
  27. Stop learning new things
  28. Hold grudges
  29. Stop doing my hair and makeup
  30. Let myself go
  31. Give up

Let me know what kind of things you DO NOT want to do as a mother.

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