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200 Self Care Ideas for Seriously Stressed Out Moms

Self-care Ideas for the seriously stressed out mama!

Today I am going to give you some much-needed self-care ideas you will be sure to use for days to come…

Being a mom comes with tons of responsibility. Taking care of a little one is no easy task.

But what about taking care of yourself as well? Have you ever thought about it lately? I am challenging you today to take some time for yourself mama.

200 ideas for seriously stressed out new moms! These tips are awesome and very actionable! New mom tips | Parenting hacks and tips | Self care for moms. #selfcare #habitatformom

I remember when I just had my baby. Things were tough. Imagine having a colic baby, maybe you already do. A baby that cries all day and doesn’t let you put them down for a second.

Or maybe your kids are a little bit older and you just need a damn break.

I learned though, with proper patience and ability to really put the time aside for yourself, helps your mood tremendously. Therefore, helps you take care of your children with a fresh, new approach every time.

Babies tend to feel their mother’s vibes so it is a good thing you are here… because you can use this awesome list to refresh and recharge yourself…

Self-care gives you some peace for a while and your baby will notice a difference in your mood which will improve their mood too.

Self care ultimate list:

  1. Take a candlelit bubble bath.
  2. Read a good positive book.
  3. Get your hair done.
  4. Get a  pedicure.
  5. Go to the beach.
  6. Go for a walk.
  7. Go to the gym.
  8. Have some wine with your BFF.
  9. Watch your favorite show on Netflix.
  10. Get a message.
  11. Visit a float tank.
  12. Call your best friend.
  13. Try a new restaurant.
  14. Go to the pool.
  15. Go shopping.
  16. Start a bullet journal.
  17. Turn the music up.
  18. Sing in the car.
  19. Take a long hot shower.
  20. Indulge in your favorite dessert.
  21. Go to a concert.
  22. Have a date night with your partner.
  23. Get a babysitter.
  24. Take a yoga class.
  25. Join a book club.
  26. Do your makeup differently.
  27. Try a new hairstyle.
  28. Go wine tasting.
  29. Go to bed early.
  30. Write down what you are grateful for.
  31. Visit a loved one at the cemetery.
  32. Call your mom.
  33. Have a family get together at your house.
  34. Plan a BBQ.
  35. Go to a museum.
  36. Take a staycation.
  37. Clear your schedule for the day to rest.
  38. Put on a face mask.
  39. Drink some herbal tea.
  40. Use essential oils.
  41. Splurge on a high-end beauty product you’ve been eyeing.
  42. Give yourself a facial.
  43. Have a smoothie in the morning.
  44. Sleep in.
  45. Ride a bike.
  46. Watch the sunset/sunrise.
  47. Go surfing.
  48. Learn a new skill.
  49. Ask for help.
  50. Do a Facebook live and chat with friends.
  51. Walk a dog.
  52. Schedule at least 10 minutes of self-care time daily.
  53. Take an online course.
  54. Go to the bookstore/library.
  55. Play a game.
  56. Start a small garden.
  57. Hug someone.
  58. Lay in bed with your cat and cuddle.
  59. Snuggle under the blankets.
  60. Start a blog.
  61. Take pictures of beautiful sceneries.
  62. Go with the flow.
  63. Meditate.
  64. Breathe deeply.
  65. Donate unused items.
  66. Organize your house.
  67. Use a detox foot scrub.
  68. Say “no” to something you don’t want to do anyway.
  69. Have sex.
  70. Look at the stars.
  71. Make a list of priorities and knock them out one by one.
  72. Fly a kite.
  73. Have your cup of coffee outside.
  74. Put on your favorite perfume.
  75. Go without makeup for a few days.
  76. Watch a funny movie.
  77. Exercise outside.
  78. Brush your teeth.
  79. Get dressed even when you don’t feel like it.
  80. Buy a new pair of shoes.
  81. Eat some dark chocolate.
  82. Buy yourself flowers.
  83. Light some candles around the whole house.
  84. Create a relaxing “me” spot outside on the porch for reading books and meditating.
  85. Have a bonfire at night and enjoy the evening.
  86. Do a workout routine on youtube.
  87. Watch a funny youtube video.
  88. Go to a movie theatre.
  89. Scroll through Pinterest.
  90. Volunteer around your community.
  91. Donate to a local cause.
  92. Spend 2 hours a week doing something for someone else.
  93. Pay it forward.
  94. Visit a nursing home.
  95. Plant a birdfeeder in your backyard.
  96. Take a late-night car ride.
  97. Listen to your favorite childhood boyband. (Nsync anyone?)
  98. Paint/draw/color.
  99. Collect shells from the beach.
  100. Eat a healthy dinner every night.
  101. Turn off your cell phone.
  102. Try something new.
  103. Use bath bombs in your evening baths.
  104. Try a new hair color.
  105. Rearrange your living room.
  106. Try a new hobby.
  107. Write a book.
  108. Follow people who inspire you on social media.
  109. Cut toxic people out of your life.
  110. Express how you feel.
  111. Join a mom group on facebook.
  112. Try speaking to a therapist.
  113. Drink water every day.
  114. Spend about 15 minutes in a sauna when you can.
  115. Stop procrastinating.
  116. Visit a new town or city.
  117. Go to the fair.
  118. Go to the drive-in movies.
  119. Hit the science museum.
  120. Spend a day at the zoo.
  121. Cuddle with your partner.
  122. French kiss.
  123. Take a bangin selfie.
  124. Layout in the grass on a blanket.
  125. Have a picnic at the park.
  126. Go to a lazy river.
  127. Pop some champaign.
  128. Have a karaoke night.
  129. Cook some healthy desserts.
  130. Create a vision board.
  131. Deep clean your house.
  132. Revamp your closet.
  133. Get your legs waxed.
  134. Do your eyebrows.
  135. Whiten your teeth.
  136. Play like a kid.
  137. Put some good smelling lotion on.
  138. Change your earrings.
  139. Try a new makeup product.
  140. Get a tan.
  141. Get your car detailed.
  142. Hire a cleaning lady.
  143. Set goals and crush them.
  144. Declutter.
  145. Take your vitamins.
  146. Speak affirmations to yourself in the mirror.
  147. Read a magazine.
  148. Exfoliate.
  149. Ignore negative people.
  150. Plan a trip to an amusement park with your family.
  151. Use a planner to stay up to date.
  152. Organize your important papers.
  153. Wear a toe ring. (they’re so cute)
  154. Look for the positive and forget about the negative.
  155. Write a love letter to yourself.
  156. Keep up with your favorite show.
  157. Have quiet time at least once a day with the kids.
  158. Get in a jacuzzi.
  159. Float in the pool.
  160. Go to a race track.
  161. Go to the casino.
  162. Meal plan.
  163. Go on a hike.
  164. Eat more fruit.
  165. Talk to a stranger (but use good judgment).
  166. Go ice skating.
  167. Visit an aquarium.
  168. Have a snowball fight.
  169. Slide down a big waterslide.
  170. Do a fundraiser for someone in need.
  171. Eat your dessert first.
  172. Try a new fragrance.
  173. People watch.
  174. Get someone else to do your grocery shopping.
  175. Order your fruits and veggies from a local farmers market online.
  176. Donate your old clothes to the local homeless.
  177. Get yourself a gadget you have been wanting lately (iWatch anyone?)
  178. Go to church.
  179. Swim some laps.
  180. Run in the sprinklers.
  181. Visit your local nature center.
  182. Jump off the high diving board.
  183. Go snorkeling.
  184. Ride on a jetski.
  185. Go to a salt spa.
  186. Learn how to make your own non-toxic cleaning products.
  187. Bake yourself a cake.
  188. Join a sports team if that’s your thing
  189. Join a support group.
  190. Start a youtube channel.
  191. Get a new piercing/tattoo.
  192. Do a hair mask once a week.
  193. Get a new piece of wall art for your bedroom.
  194. Buy an alternative down comforter and thank me later.
  195. Keep in touch with distant family.
  196. Don’t settle for less than you deserve.
  197. Listen to relaxing music. (the Tycho station on Pandora is great)
  198. Jump on a trampoline.
  199. Go fishing.
  200. Take your time and enjoy it.


I know that was a long ass list! But seriously if your stressed take this list, make it your bucket list.

Do these things, maybe not all of them if the weather doesn’t permit it, and see how happy you will become in time.


Let me know what you think would be perfect for you to implement off of this list? Do you have anything to add?

If you liked this post on 200 Self Care Ideas for Seriously Stressed Out Moms or have any questions leave a comment down below! 🙂

Happy momming mama!

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