9 Awesome Autism Traits in Children

All too often autism is portrayed in the media as something negative, or even as some kind of affliction.

It is easy to overlook the truly amazing skills and behaviors that autistic children possess.

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Here are some amazing traits autism children often get overlooked for…

March to their own beat

Kids with autism do what makes them happy, and what is wrong with that?

They are typically unafraid to stand out from the crowd.

This non-conformist streak is admirable, particularly in the face of peer pressure which is so often a part of growing up.

Attention to detail

Children with autism have a unique ability to focus on the minute details.

This attention to detail also manifests in a dogged pursuit of knowledge.

You might say they are unafraid to seek out answers to life’s most difficult questions.

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Focuses on one thing at a time

When an autistic child sets their mind to complete a task, they will not stop until it is done.

We are so used to the idea of children getting bored with a task and running wild that this sense of focus, coupled with the attention to detail mentioned above, can be dazzling to behold.

Honest and realistic

One of the most endearing traits of those with autism is the willingness to be entirely transparent with those around them.

We know that social engagement can be difficult sometimes, but through honesty and openness, autistic children can and do forge firm, long-lasting friendships.

Communicate differently

Communication can be a challenge- that’s only natural.

But the key to appreciating just how amazing those with autism are is learning to understand the varied methods they use instead of conventional speech.

If they cannot use words, they will use gestures.

If they cannot use gestures, they will perhaps draw pictures or repeat memorized phrases.

They will do whatever they can to make themselves understood- we just need to learn to understand their language.

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Kinesthetic learners

Kinesthetic learning is learning by trying things out manually- by touching objects and taking them apart to see how they work.

Those who demonstrate this learning style often thrive later in life in areas such as technology or engineering.

Extremely passionate

When an autistic child finds something they are enthusiastic about, this can become an intense passion- something they devote all their time and effort to. We need to learn how to share these passions.

Great memories

Whether it is movie trivia or reams of scientific formulae, the autistic memory can store vast amounts of data.

It can learn books by heart, or memorize the intricacies of an architectural blueprint after a single viewing.

Can’t be underestimated

Most importantly, it is vital to understand that children with autism are capable of achieving so much with their unique skill set.

The key is not to stifle their creativity, to feed their interests and passions, and to engage with them on their level, via whichever mode of communication they favor.

Children with autism are amazing- there is nothing they cannot do.

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9 Awesome Autism Traits in Children

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