How to Get Your Baby to Sleep on Their Own Without a Fight

An independent baby that falls asleep on its own is a goal that every parent has.

Watching over a crying baby that just does not want to go to sleep can be frustrating for both the parent and child.

Knowing how to teach your baby to fall asleep without a fight is an essential skill that both the parent and baby need to learn.

Every baby is unique but despite that here are some ways that are known to get a baby to sleep without a fight.

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Know your baby’s sleeping cues

Sleeping cues are a huge give away to when a baby is ready to go to bed.

Typically seen in the form of crying, yawning or rubbing their eyes a baby is trying to communicate that they are sleepy.

But not all baby’s conveyed their emotions the same way. From pulling faces too kicking their feet, every baby has their own sleeping cue.

When it approaches time for bed, examining your baby’s behavior is a way to catch those cues.

Looking for a repetitive act or simply an upset baby might just be the sign that they want to sleep.

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Pat baby’s back in a heartbeat rhythm

Patting a baby to sleep is a natural instinct that many new mothers do.

When an unsettled baby refuses to close their eyes patting the baby’s back or a bum in a heartbeat rhythm is known to have a calming and relaxing effect.

When in the womb, the baby is typically calmed with constant vibration and sound of the mother’s heartbeat.

By mimicking this, the baby relaxes and it becomes easier for them to fall asleep. Another extra step that you can take is humming.

Doing so in a medium to low pitched voice while patting adds an extra level of security and smoothing.

Repeat the process

When soothing a baby repetition is always the answer.

As a baby is learning to fall asleep, they usually need assistance from their parents.

Keeping a consistent schedule of patting, humming and soothing a baby to sleep might just be what is needed to get your baby to go to sleep without a fuss.

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Take a newborn baby sleep class

Online baby sleep classes are a trending alternative that many new mothers choose to learn from.

Taking a course on newborn baby sleep teaches you the optimal way to put your baby to sleep.

Learning from someone that has the experience, the courses usually go through sleeping tactics, expectations, exercises and even tips for a better sleeping baby.

The Baby, We’re Home! Now Lets Sleep Course is a perfect match for new and expectant moms who need that extra help.

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Use a baby glider instead of a swing

Baby gliders are designed to gently rock a baby back and forth in a calming and comforting manner.

Created to give the mothers more of a hands-free approach to smoothing their babies, a glider is typically a priority pick for new parents when having trouble putting a baby to sleep.

Unlike swings, which require the baby to sit upright, a glider is a padded inclined chair that is most suitable for a newborn.

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