8 Genius Newborn Hacks For The Busy Mom On The Go

Taking care of a newborn can be quite overwhelming at times.

From accidental spit ups to emergency diaper changes, new parents always seem to have their hands full.

Being prepared is an essential skill that many parents learn as they go.

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Here are some genius newborn hacks that will always put you one step ahead of any newborn mischief.

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Store hot water in a bottle with a Yeti when running errands

Having a warm bottle is essential when feeding a hungry newborn.

Placing a heated bottle in Yeti premium gear when going out will guarantee a long-lasting heated bottle that will be ready to go when your baby is hungry.

Taking that extra step to keep a warm bottle of milk or formula will likely make for a more comfortable feeding

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Pre-measure baby formula on the go

Scooping up the formula for a hungry baby while running errands can always be stressful.

That is why this simple preplanned tick, is a great way to save time for a busy mum.

Filling up measured containers or even bottles with the right amount of formula beforehand makes it easy to grab a bottle on the go or even when at home.

Use Pop-Yum bottles on the go

These on the go bottles are a game-changing product that supports an active parenting lifestyle.

Storing water and formula in two separate compartments, all you need to do is pop the press button and then shake.

With a leak-free sealing, you will always have ready-made milk when hunger calls.

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Keep an emergency car kit for baby

Having a stored emergency kit compartment in your car is a must for any new parent.

From extra blankets, diapers, to first aid bags, the multi-use kit is a guarantee to come in handy with any newborn.

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Keep Tide sticks on you at all times

Tides instant stain remover is a product that should make its way into every parent’s diaper bag. Let’s face it babies are messy.

This easy to use pen gets rid of a spit-up, stain or messy before they set in.

Just simply scribble over a spot and watch the stain disappear.

Get a baby shopping cart hammock

Grocery shopping can be a difficult task when a baby tags along.

Placing your baby in a specially designed cart hammock is a cool invention that will not only save your back from any pain but will also give you that peace of mind to take your time shopping.

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Get a portable white noise sound machine

A white noise machine is a go-to product for any parent.

These miracle products, work to calm a baby or attract their attention when crying.

Available in portable sizes having a white noise machine when out and about is a great way to calm a crying newborn.

Use a portable diaper changing pad

Changing many diapers in public is a task that almost every parent goes through.

Packing a portable diaper pad is one way to prepare for such accidents.

Typically lightweight and compact a changing pad is a must for your diaper bag.

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