Best Online Classes for Pregnant Women

Prenatal courses, also called childbirth or childbirth preparation courses are strongly recommended by obstetricians and gynecologists, childbirth nurses, midwives and midwives to help mothers-to-be and first-time parents prepare for what is to come.

Many courses are taught in person in hospitals, fertility centers or women’s health organizations. But what if you can’t attend a face-to-face course due to a busy schedule? Or, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the face-to-face prenatal meeting you have signed up for may have been cancelled, then what?

Fortunately, online childbirth courses are available and cover the same content as face-to-face courses. In most cases, online schools will give you access to course materials within a year after you register, or they will provide you with digital textbooks that you can keep. If you are a pregnant woman who wants to gain more knowledge during pregnancy, we have discussed below the best online courses for pregnant women.

Free Beginner Prenatal Class by Pulling Curls

Hilary Erickson, a trained labor and delivery nurse, established the Online Prenatal Class for Couples. She has helped numerous people over the previous two decades. both in person and on the internet safely delivering their babies.

Hilary has produced an outstanding prenatal course for couples expecting a baby in a hospital setting. Given that over 98% of deliveries occur in hospitals, this is likely to be the best fit for most couples. This course is ideal for busy couples who wish to learn the fundamentals of hospital birthing.

Hilary is a straightforward instructor, and you will notice her enthusiasm for and mastery of the subject throughout the online class. She is a mother of three, and when you enroll in a class, you will learn about her personal birth experiences, which makes her all the more personable.

We appreciate most about this online Prenatal class because it is sufficiently lengthy to maintain your attention. I’m sure we all hate it when online classes rant on and on about irrelevant topics. The training is concise, and most importantly, each chapter includes a couple of discussion questions to help generate communication between the couple.

The things discussed in the three main sections include

  1. Before labor

She discusses the actual vs. deceptive signs of labor in the first segment. You’ll discover what a contraction feels like, how to identify whether you have one genuinely, and how your contractions should be before heading to the hospital. She will guide you on what to do if you believe you are pregnant.

  1. Delivery Time

She discusses what happens once you get to the hospital in this part. Which tests does your doctor order during labor and delivery to guarantee the safety of mom and baby?

Inductions – She discusses why the doctor might induce you and the substance they might use to induce you in this section. Understanding how and why labor induction is performed will help you prepare if this method is necessary.

Pain Control – This section discusses pain management with epidural and other medications. Hilary goes into great depth on the epidural procedure to help you prepare if you decide to have one.

Natural Pain Control – In this 13-minute part, Hilary discusses breathing exercises to manage labor pain. She discusses distractions and how your husband might assist you in coping with labor pain.

C-section – If you choose this path, this section will discuss both planned and unplanned C-sections. She will walk you through the entire operation from beginning to end.

Bringing Your Baby Home – Hilary discusses what to do when active labor begins. She demonstrates how to push and discusses the typical time required for a first-time mother to push. Hilary also explains vaginal tearing, cord clamping, and what happens immediately after the baby is born. She discusses all you need to know about childbirth.

  1. Postpartum Care

In this section, she discusses how to care for yourself following the delivery of your baby and what to avoid. She also briefly discusses infant care. She discusses how to change a diaper, bathe a baby, swaddle, and co-sleep properly to prevent SIDS.

The course is extremely educational, enjoyable, and interactive, and most importantly, it is the quickest and easiest way for you to get the knowledge necessary to prepare for your child. Taking this course will leave you with no unanswered questions.

Online Prenatal Class for Couples by Pulling Curls

Hilary Erickson, a Labor & Delivery nurse, teaches an online birth program for couples at Pulling Curls. Hilary is a certified ACLS, NRP, and AWHONN fetal monitor with over 18 years of experience delivering babies. Additionally, she is a mother of three.

The Pulling Curls prenatal online childbirth course is primarily intended for couples planning a hospital birth. Given that over 98 percent of births occur in hospitals, this is probably a good fit for most couples. You’ll learn what to expect, what tests to expect, how to tell if you’re in labor, pain management, and much more from the ‘insider’ perspective of a delivery nurse.

You’ll receive more than 11 video lessons and a more than 100-page eBook. There are three categories, with the Deluxe course being the highest. The deluxe course includes interaction with Hilary throughout the course and the ability to ask questions in the private Facebook group — sort of like having your private nurse. If you’re not ready to commit to the complete course, you can purchase the eBook and couples’ workbook separately. Additionally, there is a free course to determine if the program is right for you, as well as a money-back guarantee.

The training is concise, and most importantly, each chapter includes a couple of discussion questions to help generate communication between the couple.

Free Breastfeeding Mama Class

This is the class for you if you are a breastfeeding mama. You will have the knowledge needed to begin breastfeeding on the right foot in less than an hour—a fantastic refresher course for seasoned mothers.

While nursing IS a natural process, it does not occur in every case. If you’ve encountered a difficulty, you’re not alone. This course discusses typical (and not-so-common) breastfeeding challenges and provides strategies to help you get through them.

Preparing for your baby’s birth birth requires a significant amount of time – and frequently, breastfeeding preparation is pushed to the side. It isn’t easy to attend ANOTHER class when you’d rather be at home in your pajamas.

This online class is designed for the busy expecting mother who wants to be ready but isn’t sure where to begin! You’ll have access to all necessary resources in only a few hours to be a breastfeeding rock star once your baby arrives!

Birth it Up Natural Series by Mommy Labor Nurse

The Natural series, as the name implies, concentrates on childbirth without the use of an epidural.

Liesel Teen, a labor and delivery nurse, developed and teaches the Birth It Up! Natural series, an online prenatal education. For the previous six years, she has assisted thousands of mothers during labor and deliveries. She is particularly interested in pregnancy, delivery, and parenthood.

She is also a first-time mother who has personally experienced childbirth; therefore, she understands how mothers feel! When you enroll in this program, you will hear her narrative of natural childbirth, which instantly makes her more approachable.

Birth It Up is available online through the Teachable platform. This is the most user-friendly online learning platform available. The training is delivered via instructional videos in which Liesel reveals the secrets of natural delivery.

The best thing is that the lessons are split down into manageable portions, allowing the course to be watched in its entirety or segments. The lectures are straightforward to navigate — you may jump to any portion you like!

Along with emphasizing natural childbirth, this course provides an in-depth examination of late pregnancy and postnatal care. The best thing is that it will motivate you to embrace this new phase of your life! Additionally, each lesson includes a narrative at the end of the video.

Birth it Up Epidural Series by Mommy Labor Nurse

If you’ve chosen to undergo an epidural to have more comfortable labor but are afraid of it, allow me to introduce you to birth it Up! Epidural series — a comprehensive and economical online birthing education designed to alleviate your fears and prepare you for labor and delivery. This is a prenatal lesson offered online by Liesel Teen, a childbirth nurse. She has assisted thousands of mothers during labor and deliveries over the last six years. Throughout this course, you will experience her enthusiasm for pregnancy, labor, and parenting.

The content is comparable to that of a hospital-based prenatal class. Unlike most in-person childbirth programs, the best thing is that this class is only for ladies receiving an epidural. Therefore, this course is for you if you are scared of the pain and discomfort associated with labor or receiving an epidural. I am convinced that this course will alleviate a number of your anxieties.

The following is a summary of a few of the topics covered in this course.

• Choosing a Hospital- In this section, Liesel walks you through identifying the best provider for you and the appropriate questions to ask your health care provider. She also discusses advocacy in the labor room.

• Labor’s Anatomy- This phase of the course is quite fascinating. Liesel discusses the phases and duration of labor, as well as what happens if your water breaks. She also discusses how to prepare your body for labor.

• When Should You Visit the Hospital – You may be nervous to go to the hospital when the time comes, but don’t worry, Liesel has some pointers for you on when to go so you don’t get sent home.

• Epidural Anesthesia – This is the course’s most critical section. Liesel explains how it works when to get one, what the anesthesiologist performs and why, how long it takes to work, and what to expect afterward.

Bring It to Life! The epidural series class will teach you all you need to know about labor and birth with an epidural. Liesel discusses the ideal labor positions to use following an epidural and the proper tactics for pushing when the time comes. The session will equip you to enter the hospital with confidence and to make difficult decisions if necessary.

Birth it Up C-Section Series by Mommy Labor Nurse

We are aware that C-section birth entails a distinct set of unknowns and what-ifs. That is why mommy labor nurse established the only online delivery program designed particularly for mamas who have had a C-section!

Your experience does not have to be one in which you navigate as a passive participant in real-time. This online course will help you to:

• Develop a thorough understanding of the full C-section timeline.

• Acquire the skills necessary to advocate for you and your baby during and after your C-section

• Understand how to advocate for you and your baby both during and after your C-section;

• Develop a positive mentality for a better C-section birth

• Overcome any worries or anxieties you may have about the big day.

Birth It Up: The C-Section Series helps prepare you for birth with a positive mindset and a sense of power.


Newborn Basics 101 will teach you all you need to know to be a more confident mama throughout the newborn age – from feeding to sleep, health care, and everything in between!

After registering, you will have unrestricted, lifetime access to this online program, allowing you to prepare on your schedule and from the comfort and privacy of your home – and to refer to when the baby arrives!

Milkology Classes

Many doctors will demonstrate or explain the nursing approach to you; however, approximately 80% of the time, they will demonstrate or explain only one method; they will never fully demonstrate or explain both. By doing so, doctors contribute to your tension and misery. However, we strongly recommend Milkology’s Ultimate nursing class. This course is inexpensive, enjoyable, and genuinely assists in calming your anxiety. Stacey Stewart, a qualified Lactation Consultant, wrote the course.

• This lesson is worth the investment because it costs less than a week’s supply of coffee but will improve you in so many ways.

• The classes are a lot of fun to attend;

• The class is extremely informative for new moms and women who have previously had small children and may have the experience but lack the knowledge and ideas about new approaches; For instance, obtaining assistance, obtaining credible information, and comprehending supply and demand.

• Because the class is online, you can watch it whenever and anywhere you want.

• You’ll learn about the biology behind breastmilk, latching, and posture, mastering your milk production, determining whether If your infant is receiving an adequate amount of breast milk, what to anticipate in the first few hours/days/weeks following birth, and weaning, among other topics.

• If you’re having difficulty absorbing all of the information, the Master Class Notes contain everything discussed in the videos and included in the course.

• One of the class’s additional products is a Black Book of Breastfeeding Secrets, which contains over 50 recommendations for incorporating breastfeeding into your daily life.

Are online birth classes affective?

It used to be difficult to find a high-quality online childbirth program due to technological limitations. With the advancements in video filming, editing, production, and streaming, video quality has increased dramatically.

If you cannot attend an in-person session or want to learn at home with your partner on your schedule, many online childbirth classes are easily comparable to in-person classes. Many instructors provide both. Thankfully, this sector now has a myriad of expert lecturers. Medically qualified doctors, nurses, and experts are now incorporating their expertise into online courses, and many of them include one-on-one inquiries and dialogues as part of their courses.

Which online pregnancy class is best for you?

You should choose an online childbirth program that is convenient for your schedule, meets your needs, and is affordable. While doing an online class is not the ideal alternative, it will assist individuals who cannot attend a childbirth class for any reason in acquiring the fundamentals.

You should enhance this online childbirth program with some in-person experiences whenever possible. This might be an in-person breastfeeding or newborn care session, or it could simply be attending a parenting group to meet other prospective mothers due around the same time you are. These individuals can be an excellent source of ideas, knowledge, and a forum for discussing your pregnancy and your baby.

Paid vs. Free online pregnancy classes

Numerous people are on the lookout for a free childbirth class. Without a doubt, there are several free childbirth programs available online. Free classes may lack interactive elements and videos that a paid class would have. A free lesson may also be sponsored by an individual or organization with an obvious bias; Bear this in mind while you choose classes.

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