5 Easy Stage 3 Homemade Baby Food Recipes 9-12 Months

Yay your baby can finally eat stage three baby food!

This is where the fun begins Mama because now we can really get creative with our recipes.

Whether your baby is a sweet or savory kind of baby these are some pretty easy simple recipes that will get you started today.

If you haven’t tried it already now is the perfect time to start with some finger foods as well.

But in the meantime check out these awesome and yummy sage three homemade baby food recipes made for newborns aged 9 to 12 months old.

More baby food content I know you’ll love:

#1. Carrot Pasta

#2. Mango, Oats and Porridge

#3. Baby Beef Stew

#4. Salmon, Sweet potato & Tomato Puree

#5. Chicken, avocado & tomato puree

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