7+ Best FREE Blogging Courses for Beginner Bloggers

Blogging has been hands down the best thing I have ever done as a stay at home mom or as a person in general.

Personally, I don’t do well having a 9-5 job, its just not the type of lifestyle I want t lead.

I’ve tried many things in my life to finally stop contributing to the rat race and blogging fit the bill and won.

I owe it a lot to FREE blogging courses in the very beginning and then graduated to paid ones as I saw fit.

The FREE course I cannot recommend enough is The 12 Month Blog Plan, if it wasn’t for this course I’d be lost starting out.

More FREE blogging courses that are super great to take are:

Free Blog Traffic Bonus Guide from What Mommy Does

Free Blog Launch Blueprint from Moms Make Cents

Free Five-Day Pinterest Challenge from Moms Make Cents

How to Start a Money Making Blog  by Sweet and Simple Life

FREE Blogging Tools and Resources I use for this Blog