How To Get A Free Breast Pump Through Your Insurance Company

Breast pumps have become a common part of motherhood for a lot of women. Whether you are pumping milk through choice or necessity, these tools can prove to be a lifesaver for busy parents.

The best breast pump helps us express with less discomfort any time we need to to keep babies on breastmilk as long as possible. Unfortunately, many new mothers believe that getting a breast pump is beyond their means due to high costs and accessibility.

That doesn’t have to be the case when you work with a company like Aeroflow to figure out how to get a free breast pump through your insurance company.

How can you get a breast pump for free through your insurance provider?

The short answer is that you can use Aeroflow as a middleman to deal with your insurance provider and come up with a package that works.

They will contact your provider to see what you are eligible for and offer guidance from there.

Packages can vary depending on your plan. But, they do strive to make the process as easy as possible with a simple online form and great customer support.

This sort of process can be intimidating for new parents, especially if you aren’t fully aware of your options and what to expect from pumps and related motherhood aids.

So, let’s go over some of the important details about working with Aeroflow to get a free breast pump through your insurance. This includes the process, the potential options available, and the customer service on offer.

Can you get a breast pump through your insurance company?

The good news for new parents is that it shouldn’t be too difficult to get some form of a pump via medical insurance. Many plans will cover breast pumps as a medical necessity for mothers.

In fact, the Affordable Care Act contains a requirement that insurance providers must provide breastfeeding support and supplies for lactating mothers.

Aeroflow works with the following organizations for easier access to help…

  • Medicaid
  • Aethna
  • Blue Cross Blue Sheild
  • Cigna
  • Tricare
  • United Healthcare
  • and Humana.

Why do so many people turn to Aeroflow to get a free breast pump through their insurance?

Aeroflow is actually pretty new to the industry when it comes to breast pumps, having started up in 2013.

However, they get a lot of great reviews and have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and are ACHC accredited.

The Aeroflow system for breast pumps in insurance is popular because they are a brilliant middleman between you and your insurance company.

The idea is that once you contact them with all the right details, they have the appropriate information to then contact all essential parties.

This means dealing with the insurance providers but also working with OBGYNs for details on medical care and prescriptions.

Another reason for the popularity of Aeroflow for breast pump insurance plans is their customer service.

You can contact them directly with queries and to track any orders for pumps and other parts available via your plan.

It shouldn’t take long for the request to go through and for an order to reach you. But, this can depend on the cooperation of the insurance company, the stock available, and other potential shipping issues.

That is why it is so helpful of Aeroflow to provide tracking information and free shipping.

How can parents get started to claim their free breast pump?

The process of applying for a breast pump on insurance with Aeroflow is actually very simple.

You fill out a form online, they then verify all the credentials and do the legwork with the insurance company, then you can pick any items covered by the plan as guaranteed with the help of Aeroflows specialist team.

The online form starts off with your email and date of birth and then you put in your details from your insurance card.

What does Aeroflow do with the information?

It is vital that Aeroflow carry out these checks with your insurance provider to see just how much you are eligible for as a new mother. You may find that you are entitled to more than just the pump.

You might get some additional supplies of use, which could take away some of the stress or added costs that come with being a new parent.

Essentially, without this thorough approach, you could end up missing out.

Aeroflow then has a specialist team on hand to advise all those that do qualify. They can provide details of the products that they believe are the best fit for your needs based on your medical details.

This should end up being the most beneficial package possible with appropriate customization.

What can you expect in return through your insurance provisions?

As you can see, there is that personalized approach to maternity care that all parents need. However, there are going to be limitations and you can’t expect a certain package based on the experience of other parents.

For a start, it is important to be aware that you can only get one breast pump per pregnancy.

This is worth keeping in mind in case you have your heart set on getting a double-electric model for the home and a separate portable pump.

You should also be aware that many parents have to buy a second pump if the first one on the insurance plan breaks down. So, it may be a good idea to factor this into a budget for a rainy day.

Another important consideration here is that all insurance plans are different and Aeroflow, nor other providers, can make blanket guarantees.

What is available for one mother may be different for another purely based on their insurance provider.

The website talks about breast pumps, maternity compression postpartum recovery tools, and other motherhood essentials. But, eligibility isn’t guaranteed in all cases.

This is also true for any upgrades to the equipment and plans along the way. A breast pump insurance upgrade allows users to purchase additional features and products beyond the basic pump.

This could be a good idea if your provider only allows for a simple single pump model and you would benefit more from a double-electric pump or other pieces of kit.

The downside to this is that you have to cover the cost of these add-ons.

Can you get hospital-grade equipment via insurance?

It is possible to get some hospital-grade pumps through insurance. It depends on what you are looking for when you say hospital-grade. There are commercial machines that use some of the same tech in their pumps and cycles.

Then there are those machines that are specifically for use in a hospital setting. The latter may not be for you or available on your plan.

When do you qualify to start this process and get your free breast pump?

Qualification for a breast pump starts when you become pregnant and not after the birth of your child.

This is great because it gives you more time to prefer and have the equipment ready to use at home. Furthermore, eligibility continues until a year after birth.

This is perfect for parents that had no intention of needing to use a breast pump but find themselves in a situation where it is now the more convenient or practical option.

Does Aeroflow have a returns policy or warranty for these free pumps?

There is no returns policy so if you get a pump and you aren’t happy with it, you are stuck with it unless you buy a new one with your own money. However, there is a warranty for faulty items.

There is a risk that this will happen as lower-grade pumps develop faults or don’t meet user expectations. These expectations may come from reading about some of the top models in breast pumps online where there are impressive closed systems, realistic sensations, and lots of bonus items like coolers and totes.

The team at Aeroflow goes through a rigorous process to make sure that you have the best possible care based on your history and insurance provisions.

It all starts with contacting the insurance provider for verification. Once that is in place, they talk to medical care providers for details on your history and prescriptions. This then lets them work on their recommendations for the ideal package.

Throughout the process, they will remain accessible and willing to deal with all necessary claims and paperwork to keep the process on track. This should mean that you get the right product as soon as possible with limited stress.

Learning how to get a free breast pump through your insurance company doesn’t have to be difficult

To summarize, the team at Aeroflow does a great job of making this process easier for parents by managing all the heavy lifting.

As long as they have the right details in the online form, they can work hard to deal with your provider and figure out the best package.

Don’t forget that you are entitled to some form of a breast pump as a lactating mother so click here to let Aeroflow help get a suitable model for free.

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