12 Must-Have Baby Remedies Every New Mom Should Have Handy

As a new mom, finding what you need to have for your baby can be a daunting and confusing experience, as there is so much advice out there and a lot of it is incomplete.

The aim of this article is to give you a definitive, breakdown of everything you need, so as to be better prepared for every eventuality with your baby. Here are must-have baby remedies new moms should have handy for:

Nasal Congestion

The noses of newborns and infants produce a lot of mucus, Little Remedies saline spray/ drops offer safe and non-medicated relief from congestion and can be used daily to ensure nasal passages are clean as well as moisturized.

It is also recommended by pediatricians.

Also known as the snotsucker; you will also love the NoseFrida because it’s innovative, easy to clean and more importantly it works! If you have ever tried to clear mucus from a baby or toddler using a syringe or bulb, you would know the struggle is real.

This product was invented by an ear nose and throat doctor, it works by placing the tube outside your baby’s nose and sucking, yes it sounds gross but you don’t actually ingest any snot, it’s caught in anti-bacterial filter and you will love seeing how it works. Get more info here.

OOgiebear has a range of products that covers everything to do with babies’ noses and provides a great solution to removing dry as well as sticky mucus. This is my favorite product from them.

A wonderful alternative to dry tissue is Boogie Wipes, they are gentle wet wipes, that contain saline, which helps to dissolve mucus, caused by colds, flu, and allergies.

Having good quality, clean air is crucial for babies in order for them to sleep comfortably and well.

Did you know that a Cool Mist Humidifier, can help ease colds, coughs and nasal congestion? They add moisture to the air which helps to rehydrate the respiratory system, skin, noses, and lips and they are economical to run. Get more info here.


Gripe water is an absolute must-have for newborns; as their digestive systems are immature. They don’t digest food very well, as a result, their tummies become bloated and they can get colic, which is very painful.

Mommy’s Bliss Gripe Water gently relieves colic and gas it contains no sugar, alcohol or artificial flavors, just ginger and fennel, which is yummy!

Another wonderful product is Windi Gas And Colic Reliever, this is from the same company that developed the NoseFrida; it’s a natural alternative to what’s out there in the market, it works by drawing air out of the baby’s sphincter in a way that is safe and comfortable. Get more info here.

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You will know when your baby is teething, as they will show signs: like chewing on anything they come across, being red-cheeked, having diarrhea and just generally being uncomfortable in themselves.

It can be difficult trying to comfort a teething baby as it affects their sleep and yours, they will love having their gums massaged and applying Gum Massage Gel should provide some much-needed relief and hopefully a better night sleep for all.

When your baby’s teeth first appear, trying to clean teeth and gums can present a challenge for most parents, a good and fun solution is to give your child a Teething Toy Toothbrush like this one.


Earaches can be very painful for infants and frustrating as they can’t tell where the source of the pain is coming from, symptoms can range from, fever, loss of appetite, being unable to sleep to general irritability.

If you suspect that your baby might have an earache, talk to your pharmacist and ask about Infant Earache Drops like these.

If after 3 days your baby is still displaying symptoms of an earache, the best thing to do is to call your pediatrician.


Your baby will have an extensive range of skincare requirements like hair and body wash, healing ointment and diaper rash cream.

Aquaphor has a complete range of baby products, that are gentle on babies’ skin, safe as it doesn’t contain any preservatives and is fragrance-free as well as being pediatrician approved. Browse their products here.

Mom… Finally!

When you are a mom of babies and toddlers, be prepared for not being able to wear jewelry, especially necklaces and earrings, they are out of the question!

There is an alternative though, Baby Teething Necklaces, the materials used to make these necklaces are very safe, like wood and silicon, so your baby could chew on them.

However, they need not just be for baby, the necklaces come in a range of lengths, colors, and styles to suit your personal taste and match any outfit, so have fun and treat yourself and baby to a baby teething necklace. Take a look at the selection on Amazon here.

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