11 Genius Diaper Changing Hacks for New Moms

For most new moms the journey to and arrival at motherhood are equal parts exciting and daunting.

Of course, you’ve got family and friends all too willing to help you out and offer advice (even when it’s not needed!)

Here I have curated some top diaper changing hacks to make sure you’re clued up on how to save time and make your life that little bit easier.

I think it’s helpful advice that you should know as a new mom!

Stop leakage by pulling out the diaper leg ruffles

As Huff post notes, the leg ruffles on diapers should always be visible rather than tucked in.

Their purpose is to ensure that the diaper contents stay inside, rather than leaking onto baby’s leg so they’re there for a very good reason!

Take advantage of those onesie shoulder flaps

According to NJ Family, onesie shoulder flaps are there to allow the garment to be pulled over your baby’s legs instead of their heads.

If you need to ask why you clearly haven’t experienced a diaper disaster yet… that’s one to look forward to!

Get to grips with Coconut Oil

Coconut oil and a cotton swab are a great combo when it comes to cleaning newborn baby poo, or Meconium to give it its technical name.

Skin on skin time is so precious with your little one, and coconut oil also provides a cost-effective alternative to the expensive lotions and oils on the market.

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One for Moms of boys…

It sounds simple, but it’s very effective; when you change your little boy, don’t forget to place a wipe on his tummy to avoid getting peed on.

You’re welcome!

Avoid the umbilical cord stump

Mayo Clinic advises that you avoid getting the baby’s umbilical stump near their diaper by folding the diaper over at the front.

Although there is no harm in getting it wet, it is also a good idea to sponge rather than bath baby until it falls off.

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Dress baby in a nightgown rather than a onesie for night time changes

When both you and baby are tired and stressed the last thing you want is to try and wiggle them out of a difficult outfit.

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Invest in a diaper cream brush

Otherwise known as a ‘butt spatula’, a diaper cream brush is a hygienic and convenient means of ensuring an even spread of cream in all those hard to reach places.

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Use a portable changing pad

Portable changing pads are widely available at relatively low cost and they are worth every cent.

They fold small so they can be carried anywhere and are also available in an array of cute designs.

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Make up a diaper changing basket

Make things easier for you and your family by keeping a regularly stocked diaper changing basket!

Make sure you’re always stocked up on plenty of wipes, creams, bags, and diapers.

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Stockpile diapers and look for savings

Amazon Family is a great service, which allows you to save up to 20% on diapers.

You should find somewhere in your home to stockpile diapers as you can make savings by buying in bulk.

You also don’t want to suddenly find you’re down to your last few!

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Return unopened boxes

If you don’t get through your stockpile before your baby needs a bigger size, don’t forget that most retailers will allow you to return unopened boxes.

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