14 Natural Ways To Boost Fertility

How to naturally boost fertility

Are you looking to get pregnant? If yes, then this article is for you. In this article,  we will highlight tested and tried natural ways of boosting your fertility whether you are a man or a woman.

This article will also show some things you should avoid if you want to boost your fertility.

Here are the natural ways to boost fertility and improve your chances of having a baby.


The kind of foods you eat can determine how fertile you are. Diet as a fertility booster applies to both men and women. How does diet boost your fertility? What kinds of foods should you eat more? What kinds should be avoided? This section will discuss these points.

Foods to eat

Increase your fiber intake to boost fertility

Eating more fiber increases the chance of ovulatory fertility. In a bid to get pregnant, it is important to take note of hormone levels and blood sugar levels.

By incorporating more fiber-rich foods like whole grains into your diet, excess hormones like estrogen are removed from the body. Eating more fiber can also help with male fertility and reproductive health. As with almost anything,  too much intake of fiber-rich foods can be bad. Hence, seek a balance.

These fiber bars are my favorite thing to eat when trying to incorporate more fiber into my diet.

Eat more antioxidants – rich foods.

Antioxidants rid your body system of free radicals and other damaging compounds. Antioxidants like vitamin C, glutathione and selenium can help maintain the health of sperm.

Research has shown that eating foods like walnuts, fruits, vegetables, and other antioxidants – rich foods improve sperm quality and increase the chance of conception.

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Take Multivitamins to boost fertility

Multivitamins are a great help in boosting fertility, especially in women. The intake of multivitamins reduces the probability of ovulatory infertility.

Folic acid, for example, boosts immunity and fertility while reducing the risks of neural tube defects in children.

For men, Folic acid Vitamin D boosts sperm count and fertility. Some foods rich in these nutrients include; lentils, kidney beans, spinach, and liver.

Get more info here.

Foods and diets to avoid or reduce

Go easy on the unfermented soy

If you are looking to boost your fertility, it is recommended that you reduce soy intake.

Although usually healthy in other cases, the phytoestrogens that are in soy can cause hormonal imbalance and reduce fertility. Even in males, unfermented soy adversely affects sperm quality.

Reduce alcohol and caffeine intake to boost fertility

Excess alcohol and caffeine intake can reduce your ability to conceive. A study shows that the higher the amount of alcohol consumed, the lower the sperm count and the sperm motility.

Moderate intake is highly recommended if it cannot be completely jettisoned.  Also, caffeine intake from coffee, some teas and drinks can aggravate infertility.

Stop smoking to boost fertility

Apart from the obvious health risks associated with smoking, it can cause a lot of damage to your chances of conceiving.

Smoking ages the ovaries damage eggs and can cause permanent damage to fertility. It lowers sperm quality and count and can cause miscarriages.

Stop smoking!

Apart from watching your diet and what you take into your body, there are other means of boosting your fertility and the probability of making a baby.

Have more sex to boost fertility

This is a no-brainer. If you want to get pregnant, having more sex increases your chances. Some experts have recommended having sex up to four times a week.

Your chances of success with this method are also increased if it coincides with your ovulating period. Some experts have also advised that for couples looking to conceive, having sex standing up might make it harder as the sperm might not be able to reach the cervix.

Hence, traditional sex positions, for example, the missionary style, can boost the chances of conceiving during sex.

Exercise to boost fertility

Exercise is not only good for your general health and wellbeing but is also a natural fertility booster. For men, regular exercise increases testosterone levels and sperm quality.

A study by The Nurses’ Health Study discovered that exercising reduced the rate of infertility in women.

However, for both genders, it should be noted that too much exercise can adversely affect fertility; decreased testosterone levels in men and an increased risk of infertility in women.

Reduce stress to boost fertility

Stress has been linked to infertility in both genders. Stress is a major cause of hormonal imbalance, which is something that negatively affects fertility.

So, try to relax. Engage in activities and exercises that soothe you.

Stop using over-the-counter lubricants

Using lube during intercourse can reduce the chances of getting pregnant.

These lubricants usually contain sperm-killing chemicals and components that prevent fertilization. If you must use lubricants during sex, use oils such as coconut oil.

Watch your environment

From radiation to nitrous oxides to other industrial chemicals, your environment can be actively reducing your ability to conceive.

You need to be extra careful if you work in a place where dangerous chemicals and other harmful elements are common.

If it is not possible to quit your job, It is wise to work in shifts so as to reduce exposure to these fertility – reducing elements.

Know your cycle

Using an ovulation calendar and an ovulation kit can help you know your cycle and the periods when you are most fertile.

The patterns you see can help you determine the best time to have sex. And as a male, try to know this aspect of your partner’s body.

Be careful with medications

It is the course of wisdom to be wary of the type of medication in your cabinet while you are trying to make a baby.

Ask your doctor about what drugs to avoid during this period. Some drugs make it more difficult to conceive while some are harmful to the baby.


Getting pregnant is a great and wonderful experience.

Although you might not yet have experienced parenthood even though you ’d want to, applying the natural ways of boosting your fertility, from watching your diet to managing stress to cutting bad habits and other tips found in this article can put you on the first step to parenthood.

Sometimes, having foods specifically for pregnancy health can help you get the nutrition you need in your system to promote fertility.

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