Amazon Baby Registry: 10 Perks & Benefits for New Moms

A baby registry is a relatively recent innovation that allows expectant parents to form their list of baby items to get as they await the arrival of their baby.

The Amazon registry itself is a digital list of infant products from one or more retail stores and having this organized list allows you to stock up at your own pace and convenience, in preparation for your Little One.

Before the onset of baby registries, a more popular variation of this list was the wedding registry, which allowed would-be couples to share their wishlists with well-wishers and wedding guests eager to present gifts to the bride and groom-to-be.

This formula has also been adapted to baby registries as friends, family and baby shower guests can get access to a comprehensive list of what you love, giving them the freedom to choose what they would like to buy, and precluding the possibility of two people buying the same gift.

This cool innovation, however, comes with a problem.

Not knowing which registry service to use.

Locating a baby registry is the hard part. Trust me.

Once you make a choice, the rest comes easy, depending on the choice you made that is.

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If you really want the best choice though, then the Amazon baby registry has got to be your first stop.

Apart from having the largest selection of baby products on the planet, the Amazon baby registry comes with unique bonuses you won’t find anywhere else, and unlimited access to the brands and models you love all in one place.

Here are the amazing benefits to having an Amazon baby registry…

#1) It’s Amazon

Need we say more? Most people, expecting mothers inclusive, already have an Amazon account so registering with such a reputable company will put your mind at ease without worry about things like fraud or product authenticity.

Amazon is a brand known for its diverse product pool, affordable pricing and superb customer service. So when you register with any Amazon sub, you can only expect the best of the best.

#2) It’s universal

One great thing about the Amazon baby registry is that you can add items to your registry from other websites and stores.

So, rather than manually running from Walmart to Target, looking for which crib looks better with your nursery’s color theme, you could sit back, relax, and do your comparison from the comfort of your home. This feature compensates for Amazon’s incredibly large inventory of baby products.

You will be able to narrow down your options especially if you want more specialty type products found at only specific stores.

So, if there’s a colorful playset you find on Babies r’ Us that’s not available on Amazon, you can easily add it to your Amazon registry.

#3) It’s cheap

This is one major perk that has great numbers of expectant mum’s flocking to Amazon.

Prices on Amazon are quite cheaper compared to other websites.

When you use the Amazon baby registry, you also get the chance to add gift cards to your registry.

#4) It’s discounted

Amazon’s baby registry gives its users a 10% discount for some items on your registry and 15% if the price of your purchases is a prime number or you’re a member of Amazon Family.

This particularly comes in handy when you’re shopping for bigger items like strollers, cribs and so on.

The completion discount works for items purchased within 30 days of Baby’s due date for up to $5000 worth of products. So you can leave off a purchase of high ticket items such as car seats, for much later.

And that’s not all, the Amazon baby registry will be totally worth it for you because:

#5) There’s free shipping

Moms who have an Amazon Prime account can get free 2-day shipping on their orders.

This also holds true for nonprime members with orders exceeding the price of $25.

#6) There’s a 90-day return policy

Since the onset of buying stuff you later don’t want is inevitable, Amazon gives a 90 days return window for baby registry items.

#7) The registry is easy to use

When you set up your baby registry on the website (and the procedure is pretty simple), you’ll find it easy to add items from a mobile or PC.

All you need to do is download the app, or visit the website.

The registry has a user-friendly interface, with a checklist where you can find what you need under numerous subcategories.

#8) There’s product diversity

Amazon also shows you the product that’s most popular in any subcategory.

From highchairs to burp clothes, toys, teethers, cribs, and car seats, Amazon will help you make well-informed decisions on which product is best for you.

This huge selection of products will make putting together your registry a piece of cake.

#9) There’s privacy

If you decide to return a product bought by a friend for Baby, the registry system is designed in such a way that the gift-giver won’t be able to find out.

Sneaky, I know. But it saves moms the heartache of hurting the feelings of well-meaning friends.

Therefore, you can use the return credit on anything you wish.

#10) There’s free stuff too

Everyone loves freebies.

When you register with Amazon, you receive a free welcome box containing neat stuff that you can actually use for you and your baby!

The contents of the welcome box won’t be known until it gets to you and this element of surprise makes it all the more fun.

For example, a typical welcome box might have anything ranging from a muslin swaddle blanket, baby lotion, a diaper sample, pacifier, baby wipes, a protein bar, rattle and baby bottle.

The Amazon baby registry has bonuses that you’ll hardly find anywhere else.

It’s a  good deal because most of your family and friends are used to the system and won’t find it hard navigating the site.

Choosing to register at Amazon will guarantee the best online baby registry experience you’ve ever had!

About the welcome box.

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