4 Sleep Tips for Your Reflux Baby

Is your baby spitting back food minutes after eating or is he/she experiencing coughs, hiccups or being more fussy than usual?

Then it’s likely your baby has reflux but not to worry, reflux is not life-threatening.

You only need to observe some procedures when feeding them to avoid this posseting.

Now babies need about 12 to 17 hours of sleep every day, depending on how long they’ve crawled this earth.

A baby with reflux will definitely throw up once in sleeping position, this is because the esophagus is still developing and when the stomach acid comes up after feeding it brings back little portions of milk.

This causes irritability and discomfort in the throat. It could also come with a heartburn sensation, making sleep elude such as babies.

This piece is about giving you helpful tips to use in getting your reflux baby to sleep.

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Reflux is normal

First, let’s get this out of the way. If your baby has reflux, do not fret, do not worry.

About 40% of babies go through this and 5% have 5 to 6 episodes daily.

If your baby is still healthy and growing fast, there is nothing to worry about.

Reflux is most common in newborns, but they outgrow it as they mature.

Helping a reflux baby sleep

Reflux babies have disrupted sleep patterns, leading to their parents not getting enough sleep either. Here are some helpful sleeping tips to use for your baby.



  •   Hold upright after eating

Resting your baby immediately after eating leads to faster cases of posseting. Bond with your baby, hold him upright at a sitting position for about 30 minutes till the milk or formula digests. Also, remember to burp the baby regularly as gas can cause reflux too.

  •   Sleep them on their backs

This will help your baby to sleep better and not throw up immediately.

Sleeping babies on their backs also eliminate the certain discomfort of tossing and turning to lead to a gag reflux.

Also, this is done after sitting them upright for a while after eating.


  •   Elevate the cot

Using a wedge, raise the upper end of the cot/mattress.

This has its benefits in prolonging sleep, and since your baby has not been getting enough of that, this seems logical.

You can use towels, pillows or place phone books underneath the mattress, but if this offers no noticeable change in your baby, discontinue.

  •   Massage

Just as getting a massage calms your nerves, it offers the same benefits to an infant.

Be open to giving your baby body massages. This helps them rest better and aids digestion.

It also gives improves blood circulation and gives them the relief they need.

During or after this our baby will sleep soundly.



Reflux in babies is not life-threatening, but to curb the discomfort they are going through try massaging them, holding them upright and using the other tips we’ve highlighted and your baby is sure to sleep soundly both in the day and at night.

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