How to Lose Body Fat During Pregnancy

Nah, say what! Being healthy is necessary at any point in our life and obviously more important during pregnancy.

Before getting pregnant I am guessing you were on a weight loss journey or just trying to stay healthy in general and maintain a good body weight.

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So how do you continue on the path of a healthy diet while pregnant you ask?

The anticipation and excitement of being pregnant can make a new mom-to-be discard the healthy rules during pregnancy, but there are several options to keep you fit throughout pregnancy by managing the fat levels in the body.

A fun way to manage weight and fat levels while pregnant

Even though you are pregnant, does not mean you should eat anything and everything in sight.

Yes, you will probably get hungrier, but this is not the time to devour all the things

To help you even further, start by getting this pregnancy cookbook to see how easy it is to nourish your body and crush your diet goals during your pregnancy journey.

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Changes in Pregnancy

As a newly pregnant woman, you are bound to lose weight during the first trimester due to the body’s reaction to a baby and hormonal changes resulting in nausea, morning sickness, appetite loss, and in extreme cases consistent vomiting as nothing seems to stay in the tummy.

However, the body should adjust to these changes after 12 weeks.

Burning fat during pregnancy depends on how fit or what kind of exercise routine you are doing before pregnancy.

If you are the hit-the-gym all day every day, then exercising during pregnancy should be a breeze but if you are not, we employ you speak to your Ob/Gyn before embarking on any exercise that might be detrimental to you and the baby.

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Furthermore, the complication of your pregnancy is a determining factor for exercising and burning fat, if you have a complicated pregnancy, walking or other passive exercises like swimming are just right.

How to manage fat during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is definitely not the right time to go dieting or perform any rigorous exercises as it is harmful to both mother and baby.

Choosing healthier foods and adjusting your lifestyle accordingly is a better approach.

While mothers at a healthy weight don’t need to lose any weight, it is necessary to maintain a healthy body fat during pregnancy.

We don’t advise intentionally skipping meals, but you can try the following:

Be aware of your calorie intake

Pregnant women should be on at least a 1700 calorie diet to maintain healthy body weight by regulating what you eat and how you eat should allow you to burn a little body fat without any side effects.

To cut down on unwanted body fat, try the following:

  •       Add more vegetables to your diet
  •       Be careful about salt intake and sweeteners found in sodas, baked goods, and condiments
  •       Eat more fruits and increase your water intake
  •       Cut fried foods and setting for oven-baked, roasted, boiled or broiled foods
  •       Cut back Trans fats and go for more plant-based oils like olive oils, sunflower and others
  •       Remember to take your vitamins


Pregnant women should get at least 30 minutes of exercise daily.

Yoga, Pilates, and simple aerobics workouts like swimming, walking, or steeping are good as they strengthen the muscles, joints, and ease labor pains.

Benefits of burning fat during pregnancy 

You feel lighter and better about yourself: for most pregnant ladies; you feel heavy, cramped, and tired most times.

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The weight of the baby on the pelvic causes back pain and cramps that exercises seem to relieve by increasing more lubrication to your joints.

  •       It relieves constipation and increases bowel movement
  •       It helps you sleep better and calmer
  •       It increases blood flow to the surface of the skin giving you that unique pregnancy glow that every woman cherishes.

Whatever you do, please listen to your body and stop when you feel any discomfort.

Want to eat healthy while pregnant? Check out this pregnancy cookbook.

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