Sensory Stocking Stuffers Any Toddler will Love

We can often forget that kids making their way through life by things that guide their sensory system.

If we are able to identify what triggers their sensory we can really find some fun things that will make them really happy, which is really what we want… a reaction of pure joy on Christmas Morning!

I am also a big fan of the 2 for (two for one) something that has more than one purpose and can be used for more than a day.

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So, let’s get into what I have found to be rewarding and long-lasting stocking stuffers for the kiddos.

Sound –


Those little percussion eggs are wonderful as toddler toys that serve multiple purposes.

They can bite them while they are teething or they can be used for what they are intended for and that is to make sounds!

These aren’t targeted for just kids they are used by musicians that have a little pocket rhythm, so it’s really fun for everyone (shhh don’t tell).

Check them out by clicking here <<

Drums also work really well and I’m not talking about the bundle toy drum, an actual drum like this one will last much longer and can literally take a beating.

Touch –


Kids love to touch anything that has an interesting feeling like squishy. bumpy or soft.

Koosh balls work really well for a few reasons, they are soft, colorful and can be tossed around the house and played with for a while before they fall apart.

They have different types but the one I like has rubbery strands, babies like to pull on them and they hold up pretty well.

Check them out by clicking here <<

Sight –


I’m going to go out on a limb and say that most kids enjoy lights.

You can really get anything from glow sticks to flashlights or light-up bouncy balls there are so many stocking sized options to be used and easily hidden inside.

Taste –


Put a little bag of treats in there, it can be the toddler cheese puff or cookies that you know they enjoy or try a new flavor, maybe teddy Grahams, those are a fan favorite around here, not only will they love to eat a little snack but it will also keep them sustained during all the excitement.

We really need happy babies through the holidays, nothing like a good fit to throw everyone off their game.

Small Motor Skills –

Kids like to see things do things.

Scribble Toys – Magnadoodles produce instant gratification for children, they get to see something working right before their eyes.


Making Things Easy-

It is always a good idea to be fully prepared for Christmas day.

When a child sees a toy they have been waiting for or that they have never seen, they want to touch it now!

But toys are always in a fortress of wires and plastic and we can’t get to them quick enough!

My solution:

Remove the toy from the packaging completely or just take it out and remove all the plastic and wires make sure it has the batteries then place it back into the box and wrap it so it is ready to go.

No Hassle.