How to Survive Christmas with Your Toddler

A Guide On To How To Survive Christmas With Your Toddler

Christmas can be stressful and hectic enough on its own, let alone having a toddler in the mix, but surviving Christmas with a toddler is doable… Not easy, but you’ve got this.

First things first, try to change your mindset about Christmas, view it as a teaching experience for your child.

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Christmas is an opportunity for your toddler to learn about togetherness, being kind to others and sharing – it must be said that there are some positive connotations associated with the holiday.

There are also lots of crafting and baking activities for you and your child to enjoy.

Remember that you can only do your best and hopefully the following suggestions will help you get through this festive season with your toddler.

Don’t Feel Pressure To Visit Santa

You will receive a lot of unsolicited advice regarding this subject, but really you know your child best.

Most small children are wary of strangers and being expected to sit on a stranger’s lap, who’s dressed in a strange jarringly red outfit and ill-fitting white beard doesn’t bode for a happy child.

Instead, consider visiting:

A festive installation – many city parks have a beautifully lit Christmas themed display.

The warm colorful lights are more inviting on your child’s eyes not to mention a great distraction A Christmas market – there will be so much to see and so many beautiful aromas, this is an opportunity to treat you and your child to a delicious hot chocolate drink

Make Christmas Decorations Together

Small Children like to be involved in things even if at first they don’t show any interest.

If you like crafting, fill your table with all sorts of glittery craft supplies, and your child will want in on the action.

Try making:

  • -Pine cones Christmas trees
  • – you and your child could make little Christmas trees out of pine
  • -cones by painting them green and decorating them with color paper plate Christmas trees
  • – paper plates are a must for children’s crafts, paint them green and decorate them with color Christmas Cards
  • – don’t be afraid to get messy, let your child express themselves with paint, stickers and anything you have to add an embellishment

Dance Together

Dancing is great exercise and a great stress reliever, it works for adults and children alike.

If you don’t particularly like Christmas music, move to whatever music you do like, and it will be a very happy and bonding experience for you and your toddler.

Stay Home For Christmas

This is kind of controversial if you usually stay with family or in-laws for Christmas.

It might be a good idea to spend Christmas day in your own home, especially, if your child really doesn’t react well to being around lots of people and prefers their own space and routine.

It might be nice not having to travel and instead consider some alternatives like:

Inviting a few close members of the family to Christmas dinner.

  • – if people really want you and your child’s company, they can compromise a little and spend the day in your home, where your child feels happy and relaxed in his or her own environment visit family before or after Christmas day
  • – there won’t be so many people around and perhaps it will give your child an opportunity to relax in front of fewer people just be happy among yourselves
  • – you and your little family can enjoy lounging around in your pajamas if you want to, without anyone telling you otherwise.

Your child can enjoy getting messy as they get involved with food prep.

You can make some great memories of watching your child open their presents. Have fun eating, watching movies and having lots of cuddles.


Hopefully, you feel better prepared for the onset of Christmas, and that the above suggestions will inspire you to have fun and you no longer feel the need to inquire how to survive Christmas with a toddler.

Small children really make Christmas special, so relish the happy moments with your child.