27 No Brainer Reasons Why You Should Start a Blog This Year

Blogging has been hands-down the best thing I have ever done for myself and my family.

I started this blog in 2018 and since then I have been able to stay home with my son, have something to do during nap times, and contribute to the family finances!

I honestly owe it all to Suzi from start a mom blog, her FREE step by step blog plan was perfect to allow me to understand everything as a beginner.

Actually – between Suzi’s blog plan and this course, I was able to bring in over 40k visitors to my blog from Pinterest alone in my first month of starting, so if that’s not a good enough reason to start a blog here’s more…

Why Blog? What this blog has allowed me to do…

  • Help thousands of new and expectant moms all over the world through informational articles that solve their problems.
  • Make extra money at home in my jammies.
  • Spend more time with my son.
  • Create awesome content that will live on forever.
  • Have more time to spend with family and loved ones.
  • Quit my 9-5 job!

27 Reasons You Should Start a Blog This Year

#1) You will inspire others

Blogging helps to inspire others to live their best life.

Whether it is looking up a healthy recipe, learning about the next room decor trends or simply just inspiring quotes on the internet.

You can provide those things for your readers and really inspire them each and every day through your words and encouragement on your articles.

#2) Blogging is not dead

Despite what you may think.

There are billions of blogs on the internet today.

But that does not mean blogging is saturated by any means.

Literally billions and billions of people all over the entire world are looking things up from parenting advice to keto diet recipes.

The internet is a big place, trust me when I say…

There is a piece of this pie for everyone.

#3) You will become more creative

Blogging opens your mind to a whole new world.

Once you get bit by that blogging bug you won’t be able to turn it off.

Ideas will flow and you will be thinking in a whole new way.

It gets you excited!

#4) You will meet new like-minded people

The blogging community is an awesome crew.

Everyone wants to help and collaborate with each other.

Starting a blog will help you connect with people around the world and can potentially create amazing opportunities.

#5) You will make extra income or potentially replace your 9-5 job

Making extra money on the side sounds fun right?

What about completely replacing your full-time job?

Blogging can help you do that!

#6) Helps you save money

I know this one sounds crazy.

But it is true.

Replacing frequent trips to target and the mall with blogging has saved me some money though!

It can save you money too.

#7) You will influence people around the world

Yes, you can actually influence others by the things you write on your blog.

You can help people with budgeting ideas, living a healthy lifestyle, recommend products, or even show people amazing travel destinations.

#8) You will gain more confidence in yourself

As you write more and more content, get feedback and grow your blog, you will gain more confidence.

You won’t only gain more confidence in the blogging world but you will gain more confidence in the real world also!

#9) Create more opportunities for yourself

Blogging can help you get in front of the right people.

Brands will be open to working with you.

People will start wanting you to guest post on their blogs, or podcast. Having a blog puts you in front of thousands of potential collaborators all over the world.

That’s pretty cool!

#10) Find your authentic voice

Writing is a way to express yourself and help other people while doing so.

Everyone is different in this blogging world and you really have the ability to lean into your own authentic self through owning a blog.

No one is there to tell you how to run your blog, you are the true CEO and nobody is truer than you, my friend.

#11) You will stand out

Did you know only 1% of people in the world are bloggers?

That’s right.

The rest of the 99% are readers of those blogs.

Owning a blog will have you stand out from the crowd in the most unique way.

#12) Share your hobbies

Do you love to crochet? How about dirtbike riding?

Any hobby you can think of can be turned into a blog about it.

If you know a lot about something you can really help someone else who is just starting.

#13) Teach people

As in the same concept of sharing your hobby. You can teach people.

Do you know about the law? Are you a Dr.?

Are you a MOM with twins?

These are all great ideas to start a blog on and teach others who are interested in your expertise or lifestyle.

#14) Promote your business

Starting a blog can help you promote your business.

If you are a VA or a freelance writer, blogging can help you get more clients.

This also applies to in-person services.

#15) Start living the life you really want

Starting a blog can create a life for you that is yours.

If it wasn’t for my blog I would have never been able to become a stay at home mom.

I’ve always wanted to own my own business and here I am.

#16) Support your friends and family

If any of your friends or family have their own business you can help them out by promoting it on your blog.

#17) Holds you accountable

This blog holds me accountable every day.

I wake up, I blog.

Having a blog will hold you accountable to get things done. Whether your creating recipes for your blog, writing tips, sending emails, uploading youtube videos, every day you will be held accountable for the things you do with your blog.

Which gives you an awesome feeling of accomplishment.

#18) Helps you become a better mom

If you are a mom like me, blogging will allow you to become a better one.

Spending more time and cherishing every moment is not possible without a blog.

Having a money-making blog will free your time up from going to work and keep you home with your kids to do all the fun things!

#19) Improves time management

Especially in the early stages of blogging when you are still working a 9-5 job.

Blogging will help you prioritize and set aside time to work on it.

Blogging helps you stick to a schedule and maintain it.

#20) Get other people’s opinions

If your blogging about personal stuff or even just about diaper rash remedies for your infant.

Blogging can help you get other people’s opinions by them commenting and giving even more tips to articles you’ve written.

Which helps you out and your readers.

#21) You’ve got nothing better to do

Seriously though… Scrolling through Instagram or binge-watching Netflix?

Start a blog instead!

#22) Creates passive income

Blogging can be a source of passive income.

Most of my traffic and sales come to me on this blog while I’m sleeping.

Create post after post of amazingness and you are looking at making money in your sleep, or even while you are on the beach sipping a margarita.

(this is real life)

#23) Creates jobs for others

Blogging can turn into a big deal.

At that point, you are going to want to hire people to help.

It is nice being able to offer someone a job opportunity.

#24) It’s a good form of stress relief

Nothing beats sitting down and creating on your computer.

Writing a post can have me in the zone fora good hour and feels satisfying and relaxing.

#25) You can dominate Pinterest

If you do it right, you can have thousands of people coming to your blog through Pinterest.

Therefore becoming well known in the Pinterest space.

Which in turn, improves credibility within your business.

#26) It is better than a 9-5 job

Team #noalarmclock… JK I have a child.

But seriously, blogging allows you to work whenever you want.

#27) Work wherever you want

In addition to working whenever you can literally work wherever.

I take my laptop to coffee shops, the pool, the beach, you name it.

Some bloggers even travel full time in an RV and work on their blog.

How to start a blog?

Here are some quick little action steps you can take to get started…

  • Decide if blogging is right for you
  • Pick something to blog about (a niche)
  • Use WordPress.org
  • Get self-hosted
  • Pick a theme (I use and love Divi)
  • Download must-have WordPress plugins
  • Start writing content
  • Create pin images for your content
  • Promote your blog on Pinterest
  • Use a Pinterest scheduler like Tailwind (get a FREE month of Tailwind here)
  • Continue to educate yourself about blogging

Blogging Courses I swear by:

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