What to do When Your Baby is Taking Short Naps

It is a very sensitive matter if it comes to babies. You have to keep an eye on their sleeping times, meal routines, etc.

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When it comes to naps, it depends on your baby and if your baby needs longer naps.

And if they are not taking proper naps then it will disturb their mood and will affect your routine too.

If you think that your baby is not taking proper and longer naps they may have slept well the night before, or are feeling restless now.

All babies have different moods and their own sleep routines.

So you can’t force or encourage them to change it.

They have their own preferences when to sleep or when not to sleep.

Some babies tend to sleep more, they may sleep for an hour or a day but some babies take short naps like three or four naps for a short period of time for about 45-50 minutes.

Either case is normal so you don’t have to worry about it too much.

But there are some signs that show that your baby needs to take more naps than usual.


If your baby is taking 20-30 minute naps then wakes up and tends to do it more than usual then you should take some steps to help baby get more sleep.

This is one hell of a task and it will take time for your baby to get used to it but you have to do it for your baby’s health.

You can do a lot to get your baby to sleep and it depends on the time when you’re putting your baby to sleep.

If you put your baby down early and comfort her by rubbing her back then it will be more relaxing for your baby and she may take longer and peaceful naps.

But if your baby is tired and you put her down late then there are chances that she won’t take a proper nap and may wake up early.

If you’re a mother then you already have a couple of clues when your baby wants to take a nap.

So keep an eye on your baby and look for the signs…

ike if your baby is yawning too much and may rub his/her eyes and shows some moods like crying then it’s time to get him/her to the bed.


There are chances that your baby may get quiet and tired more than usual, they may stare at the blank spaces and are not playing anymore thus losing their interest in toys and other things.

When you get to know about the nap signs then you should put your baby to sleep.

There are chances that if your baby has slept easily but something disturbing happened around them so they wake after taking a brief nap.

This may prove to be difficult to make your baby sleep longer during nap time and because of this your baby may become restless for a day.

If you want your baby to take proper naps remember it will take some extra time to get your baby to sleep a little longer during the day…

But if your baby is waking up after taking short naps then look for clues that will make your baby go back to sleep.

Here are some actionable ideas that may help:



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