6 Beneficial Tips to Get More Sleep While Pregnant

Approximately 40% of normal people sleep only for 6 hours while the standard sleeping should be 7 to 9 hours.

This says a lot that many people don’t sleep enough because they are suffering from the problems of insomnia, stress or sleep apnea.

This is the story of normal people but when a woman is pregnant with a baby, she seems to have a hard time for sleep.

78% of pregnant women have complained about sleep disturbance.

There are other things like nausea, back pain, baby’s movement, and frequent bathroom needs that can be enough to tire the pregnant woman but some of these women develop sleep disorders as well.

But rest and sleep are important for a pregnant woman.

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If you feel a problem sleeping, your baby is going to be at discomfort too.

It can also lead to health problems as well.

Here we have got some tips on how to get more sleep while pregnant.

Have a look:

#1) Drink fluids throughout the day

For a pregnant woman, frequent pee breaks are a part of pregnancy but with that, you also feel a little thirsty.

You need to stay hydrated so, drink plenty of fluids in a day and then cut down the fluids at night.

This might slow your bladder a little at night.

#2) Maintain an exercise routine

We understand that hardcore workout is not ideal for any pregnant woman but we recommend you to maintain some exercise routine so that your body can have better blood circulation and improve your mood by balancing hormone levels.

30 minutes of simple exercise like yoga or walking can also help you sleep better at night even with pregnancy.

#3) Sleep on your left side

Experts and doctors suggest that women in their third trimester should sleep on their left side.

There is a reason behind it and that is because it helps the blood and nutrients to flow towards the fetus, uterus, and kidneys.

They also say that a pregnant woman must avoid laying on her back for an extended period of time.

#4) Use pillows

Special pregnancy pillows are very much popular among pregnant ladies because of their effectiveness.

Get some for yourself and try to ease your back pain with it.

Use them under your belly, under your knee, and on your back. Just use them as you feel comfortable.

#5) When feeling uncomfortable, do something else

It is common for pregnant women to feel uncomfortable even when they are sleeping well.

In these situations, get out of your bed and find some light activity like reading, writing, take a warm bath, or try watching some TV.

Once you are uncomfortable in your sleep, it may take a little while to get back to sleep.

#6) Go to bed with a clear mind

A lot of pregnant ladies overthink their pregnancy, delivery, labor pain, feeding, and many other things but it can only give you stress.

So, don’t stress out over the thing that hasn’t happened yet and hope for the best before you go to bed.

Organizing and checking off to-do lists are always a great way to clear your mind before bed.


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