10 Best Baby Shower Gifts for Boys

Baby showers are the perfect occasion to give expectant parents something that they can cherish.

It might be something that they have wanted to get in time for the birth, or you might find something they hadn’t considered that will make a big difference. But, you might find it difficult to know what to get for a baby boy, especially if this is their first son.

Thankfully, whether you are an aunt, uncle, grandparent, or just hoping for a shot at being a godparent, there are lots of options.

There are plenty of different ways you can go when finding the best baby shower gifts for a boy. Below, you will find some of the best clothing, toys, gift sets, and other practical items that are sure to be of use. There are also a couple of items that older siblings can appreciate.

Are these products for boys, girls, or gender neutral?

Before we take a closer look at some of the top products for a baby shower for boys, we need to talk about gender roles and designs. The products below are either listed as being ideal for baby boys or as gender-neutral.

There will be items here that play on gender stereotypes, such as power tools, dinosaurs, and more “masculine” ideas. There is no reason why baby girls can’t have these too.

But, the aim here is to showcase products for parents keen to have a more traditional approach in clothing, toys, and more. The only ones that are 100% for boys are those for little brothers.

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10 of the best baby shower gifts for a boy

1) Simple Joys by Carter’s baby-boys 3-pack Rompers

You can’t go too wrong in buying rompers for a friend’s baby shower because parents will go through so many of them. They don’t stay clean for long.

So, a three-pack like this is great to give parents some spares. This set is particularly nice when looking for good baby shower gifts for a boy because of the more masculine style.

The ones with the more formal collars are adorable and the whole set has a nice use of pattern and color. There are lots of sets available, but this one stands out with the contrasting stripes and the cute monster.


  • 100% cotton for softness and breathability
  • Snap closures on the bottoms for easy access during changes
  • Widely regarded as being true to size


  • Maybe not the most durable as they are made in Vietnam

2) Marvel Baby Boys’ 5 Pack Bodysuits

Next up, there are some romper suits for geekier parents. A lot of new parents that are fans of comic books are sure to want to dress their little ones up in superhero-themed clothing.

Why not help them into the world of cosplay early on? This set gives plenty of options depending on the mood of the parents and/or child.

There are four rompers that are based on costumes – Captain America, Iron Man, Spiderman, and The Hulk.

All four look pretty authentic to classic designs and this does claim to be a legitimate Marvel product.

There is also a fifth suit with a fan pattern of faces and masks on it. Check that out here.


  • Soft cotton that should be easy to wash in a machine
  • Rated as true to size, with a range of options from newborn to 24months
  • 3 snap closures for when it is time for diaper changes


  • Stretchier than expected, so could stretch out a bit

3) Hudson Baby Unisex Baby Plush Animal Face Robe

Next up in this line of baby clothes for boys’ baby showers, we have this adorable robe.

Bathrobes are a great idea for any young child to keep them comfortable and warm after a bath. But, it is something that may be overlooked on a registry.

It is nice to see a company providing options for young babies, as this one is suitable for kids from 0-9 months.

The design of the elephant is attractive without being oversized and impractical. You get the baby blue material with a little trunk, beady eyes, and gray ears on the hood.


  • The material is especially soft with the plush fleece throughout.
  • There is a secure tie around the waist
  • There is a wide range of other animals in the range


  • There are cases of it shrinking in the wash without due care

4) Baby Box Shop Keepsake Box in Blue

If you are unsure what to get for a baby boy baby shower and aren’t keen on running the risk with clothing sizes, you might prefer the idea of a gift set. This first one is a great choice because of the range of items inside.

There are lots of very practical items here that parents will never say no to. These include a selection of toiletries and brushes, emergency nappies, and a washcloth.

There is also some swaddling muslin cloth and a blue teddy bear. The whole set follows the blue theme and is finished off nicely with the secure suitcase. Take a look here.


  • The metal case is durable and great for storage or repurposing for other items in a nursery
  • The cleansing products are Johnson’s, so there is assured quality
  • A two-tier option is available if you want to splash out and spoil your recipients


  • A minority did receive theirs dented on arrival – but that’s the risk of delivery services

5) Nikki’s Gift Baskets Blue Motorcycle Baby Boy Gift Set

This next set offers parents a little bit of everything to make it easier to get started as a new parent of a little boy.

At first, it just looks like a cute toy with the big-eared elephant riding a motorbike. However, when you inspect the various elements, you find that they are all different gifts.

So, parents can spend ages marveling over the pieces they receive and discovering little secrets. There is a baby blanket, some socks, a bottle, and some diapers. Check out the details here.

Then, of course, you have the plush toy. It is one of the more interesting ways to present a gift set.


  • The surprisingly wide range of features, including a 30 by 30 inches blanket
  • The quality of the stitching on the items, especially the bib
  • A great centerpiece for a baby shower before it is disassembled and used


  • Very expensive compared to other sets
  • No way of storing the items once taken apart

6) AmazingM Dinosaur Teething Pain Relief Toy with Pacifier Clip

Teething toys are another essential item when considering the best baby shower gifts for boys. Before long, these kids are going to find their teeth coming in and it won’t be a fun experience.

So, you can help in advance by giving parents this adorable dinosaur teething toy. The design of this blue and gray beast is a winner on its own. But, there is more going on here than you might realize on first impressions.

There are different textures to the silicone tone and you get the beads hanging down. This means lots to explore for oral stimulation and satiation.


  • Safe food-grade silicone for complete peace of mind
  • A secure plastic clip that allows parents to attach the teether to cribs, playsets, etc.
  • A upgraded design with lots of secure knots


  • Very rare cases of the string and clip breaking, but these reports could have come in before the upgraded design.
  • Just the one design by the looks of things

7) Plush Creations Toy Tool Set

This is a cute little set of toys that a lot of parents may appreciate more than the kids, but older babies can still have fun. The basic premise here is a series of plush toys shaped like power tools.

The tools make noises when pressed to mimic the sounds of the different devices and all four are nice and distinct. Kids love to copy their parents and will learn about their world through play.

So, while a set of power tools may sound like an odd choice, it taps into this theme with ease. It is a great idea for any parents that want to go down a more traditional route with toys for a baby boy. Check out this cute tool set here.


  • The traditional contrasting colors will appeal to babies who have limited vision at an early age
  • The toys are comfortable to use and just the right size
  • Each toy stores neatly in a zippered plush tool bag.


  • This is something for when boys are a little older
  • It is unclear how long the sounds will last for

8) Fisher-Price Baby Biceps Gift Set

If you are keen to get some quality toys for baby boys, there are few companies better suited than Fisher-Price.

They have a great series of themed toys where, as with the power tools, kids can emulate their parents. In this set, there are items related to fitness and the gym. Its the cutest thing ever, check it out here.

This is perfect for dads that can’t wait for sons to grow up to become little gym buddies. You get a dumbbell, a kettlebell that doubles up as a teething rattle, and a protein shake cup that makes a noise.

There is also a little headband to wear.


  • A great set of toys for training motor skills
  • BFA-free plastic so safe to be chewed on
  • Silicone on the kettlebell for teething


  • Cheap plastic that might not last as long as other toys

9) Pearhead Me and My Brother Sentiment Photo Frame

An alternative option when buying good baby shower gifts for boys is to consider their siblings. Older children can feel a little left out at times, so it is nice for them to be included with a gift that ties them to the occasion.

A photo frame like this is ideal because you can set it up anywhere in the family home and celebrate a growing bond between siblings.

This frame is cute but simple with the grey surround and message “Me and my bother” in white. There is then space for a standard 6 by 4-inch photo behind the glass.


  • The use of wood is nice rather than a heavier metal or cheap plastic
  • A good size without taking up too much space
  • There is the choice of the easel and triangle hanger


  • Glass is more fragile so may not be ideal in the older sibling’s room

10) Mekilyn 3Pcs Baby Boys Little Brother Camouflage Outfit

Finally, we have another clothing option, but this time it is along the sibling theme. This three-piece outfit is a great choice for little boys that want to play outdoors with the rest of the family or just romp around the home.

There is a romper suit with “little brother” emblazoned across the front in a bold font.

Then there is a matching set of leggings and a hat in a cute camouflage print. The leggings have a thick elasticated waistband and cuffs for security while the hat should be a nice snug fit.


  • The set comes in a range of sizes, including 0-6 months for newborns
  • They are made from soft breathable cotton
  • Snap closures on the romper for easy access


  • There is a likelihood of babies needing to grow into this set

Finding the best baby shower gifts for a boy.

In short, if you are keen to go down the traditional route of blue toys and more masculine themes, you won’t be disappointed with some of the slogans, designs, and themes around.

There are some brilliant toys and rompers that will bring a smile to parents’ faces, teethers that will do the same for the kid, adorable blue sets, and even something for their older sibling.

Take your time to find the item that you are sure will be practical and joyful and enhance the baby shower.