The Benefits of a Breastmilk Bath for Baby and How to Make One

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Science has revealed the scores of benefits that come with breastmilk.

Not only does breastmilk help kickstart brain development and support immunity, but it can help with skin irritations as well.

If you’re looking to boost baby’s growth and immune system, then you might consider one of the latest trends: the breastmilk bath.

This surprising method is a great way to relax your little one and get even more nutrients into their daily routine.

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What’s in Breastmilk?

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What are the other components of breastmilk?

Breast milk contains important non-nutritional components, such as antimicrobial factors, digestive enzymes, hormones and growth factors that are important for passive protection against infections and immune-mediated diseases and modulate immunological development. (source)

Breastmilk is a natural source of vitamins, antibodies, and enzymes.

Not only does it give baby the proper nourishment they need, but it works behind the scenes as well. Breastmilk, aka “liquid gold,” can fight:

  • Eczema
  • Cuts, Scrapes, and Boo boos
  • Cradle Cap
  • Pink Eye
  • Common colds

If you’re looking to maximize the amount of goodness your baby gets from your milk or perhaps looking for a way to incorporate more milk into your growing baby’s diet, then the milk bath is perfect for you.

It’s an all-natural way to soothe skin and supplement vitamins and minerals. It’ll help your little one to relax, too.

How to Make a Breastmilk Bath?

The breastmilk bath is a low stress, hassle-free way to help baby be their best.

Take a few ounces of breastmilk, whether just pumped or thawed, and stir it into your baby’s bathwater.

You want to use enough milk to see it in the water, so it might be best to not run a high bath.

Have your baby help you stir the water if they’re old enough.

You want the milk to come in contact with their skin and any areas with irritation, scrapes, etc.

Once done, it’s a good idea to put your baby to bed right after.

Recent studies have shown how a large part of growth and development for children happens during sleep, so if you want to make the most of all those vitamins and immuno-support, letting baby rest will help their body put those nutrients to work.

Breastmilk baths are suitable for newborns AND toddlers

If you’re currently feeding and have other little ones in tow, then you might consider putting milk into their baths, too. Or, you could freeze your excess supply and save it for down the road, when the baby is a little older.

Those valuable nutrients and antibodies will stay locked in until you go to thaw it out.

Milk baths are not just cute maternity or a newborn photo op! There’s actually a lot of interesting science behind your own milk and your baby’s health.

Best of all, it’s an easy way to give your baby the boost they need, whether they’re fighting a cold, dealing with those common skin irritations, or needs a little immunity boost.

Whatever the age your little one is, breastmilk can aid in growth and development at any stage. This all-natural remedy will help both you and your baby feel good. 🙂

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The Benefits of a Breastmilk Bath for Baby and How to Make One