8 Lactation Recipes to Increase Milk Supply (plus a list of 7 superfoods)

Foods to Increase Milk Supply

Breastfeeding does not come naturally to every woman and neither does their body’s milk supply, but this can be helped.

The body is like a machine, as long as it’s serviced correctly and given the correct requirements it can run smoothly.

With that being said, the correct nutrition plan can greatly help women who are struggling to produce enough milk for their newborn and that’s what I will be going over in this article.

More precisely I will cover numerous different tasty foods and recipes to help further along this process, let’s get into this!

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Lactation cookies

For all cookie lovers, this one’s for you. This special form of cookies must contain flaxseed and brewers yeast. These are the secret ingredients for the increased milk supply. Other ingredients include soybean oil, refined sugars, gluten, oats, and egg.

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Lactation tea

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Perfect for those women fond of their tea. A perfect lactation tea should include these two ingredients – fennel and fenugreek. These ingredients can be added to your normal form of tea for the increased milk supply.

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Lentil and kale soup

A healthier option on this list, this soup combines two very healthy ingredients (lentil and kale) which are great for breastfeeding mums. Other forms of vegetables can be added if wanted, but the above ingredients must be included for their effects.

Check out the recipe here.

Lactation smoothie

This smoothie is a great option for those who struggle to consume enough calories through food. This smoothie is greatly effective when made with the following ingredients – brewers yeast and peanut butter. Other ingredients may include strawberries, sugars, and water.

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If the above recipes sound too time-consuming, try going with a standard bowl of porridge. The oats in the porridge are precisely what helps in the way of milk production.

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Lactation Pancakes

Who doesn’t love pancakes right? A standard pancake recipe will suffice for optimized milk production as the oats and flaxseed naturally present in this recipe are the key ingredients for enhanced milk production.

Check out the recipe here.

Blueberry smoothie

Sounds delicious right? This smoothie should contain the following ingredients – brewers yeast, vanilla almond milk, blueberries, pineapple, banana, spinach, and coconut water.

Check out the recipe here.

Lactation brownies

Without a doubt, the tastiest recipe on this list is the lactation brownies. Lactation brownies must contain flaxseed and brewers yeast. The other ingredients are based on your preference for the brownies.

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Additional food sources

There are numerous different food sources out there that help you with the lactation process.

These foods can be implemented into your day to day diet or can be combined to make additional recipes.

Below is a list of foods known and proven to help breastfeeding mothers.

  • Oatmeal
  • Flaxseed
  • Brewers yeast
  • Fenugreek seeds
  • Garlic
  • Fennel seeds
  • Sesame seeds


Not every mother will want to breastfeed, it’s the fact of life.

Those who do may struggle and something as life-changing as this can really take time to learn. Even the mothers who decide to may struggle with milk production.

This is exactly why diet plays a huge role in the outcome of your milk supply.

The above foods and recipes are proven and recommended by many to help women who are experiencing low milk supply.

Always remember, be kind to your body and it will be kind to you.

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