6 Ways to Survive Christmas with Your Newborn (and enjoy it)

It’s that time of year again. Time to put up the tree, hang the decorations and get started on your shopping. Oh, and let’s not forget… Christmas parties, family gatherings, and holidays cards. The list is endless.

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Let’s put things in perspective:

• Christmas should be a time of joy. Do what makes you happy.

• Put self-care and baby-care at the top of your priority list.

• Above all, remember what’s true. You just had a baby? What else matters?

Now keep this in mind while you read 6 ways for surviving Christmas with a newborn:

Stay Home

Consider staying home if your family is interstate or overseas. Traveling with a newborn can be stressful. Keeping your baby’s schedule and having a small Christmas at home might just be the key to a relaxing Christmas.

Be a Host Without Hosting

It might seem like it would be easier to have Christmas at your house (and it might be). But this is not the year to be playing hostess. Instead, ask someone else to host in your home.

Make sure you have plenty of help before agreeing to this option. You should have help for both food preparation and clean up.

Collaborate on Festivities

Instead of trying to do it all, get everyone involved. Invite your guests to bring appetizers or desserts to your Christmas party. Consider hosting a Christmas pot luck and everyone can bring a dish. It’s always fun to get your guests involved.

Learn to Say No

This is always a hard one. Especially around the holidays. The Christmas period can get hectic with traditions in place. It’s ok to just say no to anything that is more stressful than fun.

You might need to accept this is not the year to start all those new family Christmas traditions you have been dreaming of. But remember, it’s temporary. There is always next year.

Hello, online shopping

Shopping malls and newborns simply don’t mix, especially on Black Friday. Click your way through your shopping list by buying gifts online. Opt for gift-wrapping services at the checkout. If you need, consider getting your gift delivered directly to your family or friends. That way your entire shopping is done with one click.

I was able to do all my online shopping on Amazon.com. I have been shopping on the Amazon website ever since my son was a newborn. I love how it saves me tons of time by preventing me from going into the stores with a baby. The best part about shopping on Amazon for the holidays is that I can go through my Rakuten account and get rebates (cashback) on everything I buy. Click here to get your Christmas shopping done in literally 1 day!

Only Do One Thing Each Day

If you have various friends and family you need to catch up with, do not do it all on Christmas. Try to space it out. Visit some people on Christmas Eve, some on Christmas or even some a few days after.

Bonus Tip: Schedule a nap — for you

And a little bonus tip for mom. Practice self-care and if there is one thing you need to do, it is to plan a nap for yourself. Make sure to note it in your to-do list so you don’t forget.

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Final Thoughts

Yes, Christmas can be a crazy season, especially with a newborn in tow.

But remember this season is about joy.

While there are ways to makes things easier, it’s important to do what makes you happy. 🙂