dad and newborn bonding tips

3 Great Dad and Newborn Bonding Tips

What is Baby Bonding?

Baby bonding refers to those strong feelings of affection parents develop for their babies.

It is these feelings that make you get up in the middle of the night to feed your baby or to rush to be by your baby’s side when s/he cries no matter how tired you are.

While it is easier for mothers to bond with their newborn babies as they spend more time with their babies due to secretion of happy hormones and postnatal endorphins find it easier to connect with their babies.

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Fathers on the other hand, often cannot give words to their own feelings when their baby is born.

Sometimes for not feeling anything, fathers do feel guilty; however, it is quite a natural thing for fathers to not feel anything in the beginning.

Bonding with one’s newborn is a slow, gradual process and often requires a great investment of time and energy.

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What if dads find it difficult to bond at first?

It might be quite natural for dads to bond with their newborns in the beginning. All is fine as long as the dads dedicate a small portion of time each day for their babies.

Common notion regarding baby bonding in the past was that it was crucial to develop a bond with babies in the first few days.

However, the latest research studies state quite the contrary that bonding can occur over a period of time.

Top tips for Dads to Bond with Newborns

Though the bond between dad and newborn tends to strengthen over the period of time, there are a few tips that can help dads form a close relationship with their newborns.

  • Physical touch:

Physical touch or skin contact is essential as it helps soothe and calm the nerves of newborn babies.

Further, for the dads, it helps to develop feelings of love and affection for the baby.

Dads must hold their baby as often as possible, touch his face and stroke his hairs to make him feel loved; doing this, in turn, will help dads to form a bond with the newborn.

  • Maintain eye contact:

Dads need to look closely into the eyes of their babies and talk or sing to him while feeding him.

The closer the face of the dad is to the face of the baby, the easier it will be for the baby to recognize the face of the father.

The next time, daddy dear leans in close to the face of the baby, the sweet smile of recognition will surely go a long way in developing a long-term bond between the dad and the baby.

  • Play with your baby:

It is a wrongly thought that newborns do not need to play; newborns enjoy playtime almost as much as older babies do.

By making cute smiley faces, by singing songs and by rattling toys in front of the baby, the dad can engage baby and in the process will develop a strong bond with the baby.

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