What To Do With Your Baby All Day (7 good ideas)

From the day your baby enters your life, he or she becomes the little sun that you and your spouse revolve around.

Your days are filled with diaper changes and feedings. It sometimes feels like an endless cycle.

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You sleep very little for those few months and you may get a bit stir crazy, to be honest.

You may be wondering what to do with your baby all day.

The encouraging news is that there are quite a few interactive things you can do with babies to engage them and start broadening their horizons.

Let’s look at a few...

Expose them to sound

You can do this in a variety of ways. Baby’s love to hear their parents’ voices.

So if you can sing, please do not hesitate to sing to your baby.

You can play music. Some parents prefer classical since it is believed that this helps to develop the baby’s intellect, but you can play any kind of music. Babies are fascinated by new sounds.

You don’t have to stick to music. You can play animal noises, nature sounds and so much more. You can find these sounds easily online for free.

Read to baby

Reading stories to children is as old as time. You probably read to your baby in the womb and you can continue this for many years to come.

Your baby may not be able to understand the plot just yet, but your baby loves your voice and will begin to learn language from this exercise.

I love this book to read to my son when he was a newborn because it has high contrast black and white images with words in red that are perfect for newborns to look at. Check it out here!

In fact, studies show black and white is best for newborn vision.

Nursery rhyme books with singsong quality are a good choice also.

Introduce books

In addition to reading to your baby, you can show them the pictures in the books. You can invest in pictures of books just for babies.

These books are usually bright and colorful and engage the mind. You can chat with your baby about the contents of the book. I just love this book on Amazon, it’s so cute!

This interaction can be a very powerful bonding exercise.

Take your baby to the park

it is very important to expose your baby to the outdoors. They will enjoy a little trip now and again.

Point out what you see to your baby along the way. Your baby is constantly learning and taking in all the little things around them.

Children learn the most between the ages of 0 to 5 years old and it is never to early to start teaching them about the world.

Play with a ball

It may seem like a simple exercise, but a ball like this one can provide entertainment for a baby for quite some time.

You can throw a ball or roll a ball to a one-year-old and they will throw it back. As they get older, you can even play a little bit of football or soccer as they learn to kick.

Ball play helps develop motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Infant massages

This is a really enjoyable exercise for both you and your baby. Infant massages are extremely beneficial.

They are very soothing and help your baby sleep better. They are an incredible bonding exercise and have health benefits as well.

I was head over heels for this lotion to massage my baby with, it helps with dry skin and soothes them and gets them ready for a nap. You can even use it at bedtime to settle them down for the night. Check it out here! There is also a non-scented one for the most sensitive newborns here.

A baby massage can relieve nasal congestion, constipation, and colic too.

Water Play

You can take your baby to the beach if you live near the ocean. Dipping their little toes in the water is an amazing sensation.

You can look into baby swim classes at your local pool. The sooner you get your children to accustom to water the better.

You can even stay home and do water play right in the sink or the bathtub with your baby. You can make it interesting with bath toys like these to encourage your newborn’s curiosity and sensory skills.

As you can tell, there are many activities that you can explore when answering the question “what to do with your baby all day.

You just have to get creative.

Time spent with your baby can be enjoyable at every stage, you know what to do now.

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