Bringing Home Baby – 6 Tips for Bonding With Your Newborn

Bonding with your newborn

Nervous about how to bond with your new baby?

Most mamas hit it off with their new babies right away. The tremendous need to bond with your new baby is triggered by an overwhelming emotion that makes you want to love and protect your newborn.

For some mamas, this may require a longer period of time.

Particularly after a complicated pregnancy or a strenuous labor.

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Those “my first baby” guides usually reiterate the value of bonding time in spite of your individual circumstance.

Today I am going to talk about how to bond with your first baby…

The importance of bonding time:

bonding with your newborn

Research implies that if your baby has a satisfying relationship with you from the beginning, they are likely to develop into well adjusted and confident adults.

BONUS: your child will also do better in school!

In all reality, spending quality time with your baby should come naturally. It is an instinctive process that has been interwoven in the very fabric of human nature!

Bonding with your newborn tips and ideas:

If you are struggling as far as bonding with your newborn, you need to make a conscious effort moving forward.

First-time parents especially!

#1) Touch

bonding with your newborn

Your baby’s first means of bonding and communicating with you is through touch. So make the most of this by holding your baby closely. Consider babywearing as it is the number one way your baby will experience feeling close to you.

Cradle your newborn while you are feeding her or rocking him to sleep.

You can also do nightly messages for your baby at bedtime. This is relaxing for your baby and will promote good sleep as well!

#2) Breastfeed

bonding with your newborn

Breastfeeding your baby will guarantee that he will get his mommy time, all the time! This is by far an excellent thing to do for your baby in terms of the early connection between you and your newborn.

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#3) Sing to your baby

bonding with your newborn

Don’t worry mama, you can keep your day job. It doesn’t matter if your not a good singer, your baby wants to hear your voice!

Just use some popular nursery rhymes and softly sing while carrying, rocking, or breastfeeding.

Singing to your baby is extremely comforting for her and will even facilitate early language development!

#4) Give your baby a massage

bonding with your newborn

I touched on this in number 1 but this deserves its own number too.

A message offers a more planned and controlled way of bonding with your little one.

It encourages your baby’s mental and physical growth as well. You can use oils or a calming lotion when you do this. Your baby will love it!

#5) Just talk to your baby

bonding with your newborn

Obviously, your newborn may not comprehend what you are saying, but he will love hearing you talk about everything under the sun! I promise.

Talking to your newborn will also help them understand and be confident in the fact that you are always there for them. Just hearing your voice, in general, set your infant at ease.

#6) Make the most of daily activities

bonding with your newborn

Even the time spent for diaper changing can convert into wonderful bonding time!

Take advantage of that time and talk your newborn, kiss her and snuggle him. Doing so will even help you forget about the messy task you are doing!

When bonding with your newborn, Constantly express to your newborn how much you love them and care for her.

Do not let a fast-paced life keep you from truly bonding with your infant. In today’s world, I know it is hard to stay present at the moment when there are so much hustle and bustle.

Learn to relax and truly be here and now when taking care of your new baby. Enjoy every moment and do not let it pass you by, it goes faster than you think!

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