Discipline Your Kids Without Yelling – 3 Smart Ways

Ways To Discipline Your Kids Without Yelling

Don’t we all adore those beautiful bundles of joy, their appealing innocence, great smiles and such pure aura that leaves anyone and everyone smitten in love.

That said, the thing with babies is that they grow up from such beautiful unprovoking state and into such youngsters that can throw tantrums and work your last nerve.

It’s like one moment you feel it’s you and your kids against the world, and the very next moment you’re yelling at them for a wrong act.

Your temper is fiery red, and your head behind to ache from the anger.

While yelling might seem like the most logical and immediate thing to do to correct your kids, there are several other more efficient ways you can discipline your kids without yelling.

These ways are discussed below.

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1)    Lay The Rules Down:

Enforcing discipline in a young mind begins with the basic step of laying down rules. Your kids should know what the dos and don’ts are.  Explain them in the simplest of terms and attach appropriate consequences if any of them is ever broken.

If for instance, you let your kids know that they would be taking a break from TV or games if their chores are left undone when they do break the rules all you have to do is switch off the TV and pack up the games.

This goes a long way in letting them know you mean business without actually yelling.

2)    Take A Step Back And Try Seeing Things From Their Perspective:

One tendency is common among humans irrespective of age. Sooner or later, we rebel against force.

While rules and consequences are effective, in order not to look like a rigid military parent and weary your kids out, you should simply come down to their level.

Seat and have a discussion with them. It’s you saying “this is why I made these rules, I want the best for you, however, I need to understand why you always oppose.

I want to see things from your angle and maybe we can find a middle ground”.

These approach breaks the Ice, creates a bond and still keeps your kids well mannered and disciplined.

3)    Make Available Positive Reinforcement:

If you’re going to attach a consequence to a broken rule, then maybe you should attach a price for a rule well kept.

This motivates them to keep doing better. It’s you saying, “I have noticed your effort at sticking by the books, thank you so much”. You could go further by saying, “as a reward, we’re going out to any fun place of your choice”.

This makes them know there is something to look forward to and you really appreciate their proper behavior. With that knowledge, they are sure to keep up the good work.

Overall, kids are such amazing individuals that you can discipline and flow effortlessly with if only you know the right buttons to work.

So next time instead of fuming and yelling, simply introduce some rules, consequences and positive reinforcement. If that does not work, maybe it’s time for some chit-chat. Hear them out and break the ice.

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