6 Important Things to Include in Your Postpartum Kit

Things to include in your postpartum care kit.

We spend the entire forty weeks preparing for our baby, but never ourselves; some moms have an extensive and comprehensive list of what their baby should and must-have, but you forget that when that little angel leaves the comfort of your uterus; you have a lot of cleaning up to do!

Postpartum kits help new moms to take care of themselves after the birthing process.

Every mom has a list of care items but below is some basic essential that MUST be in your kit as you make your way to the labor ward.

6 Important things to include in your postpartum kit. New mom tips | Postpartum care kit | Postpartum recovery. #postpartumcare #birth #habitatformom

#1. Sanitary towels (pads):

big, soft, cotton, maxi sanitary towels. We are stressing the soft and cotton part because, after birth, the entire private hurts like hell and soothing will be great.

These will suit your needs.

Avoid pads with nylon or rubber tops as they can rub against the skin and cause more pain.

#.2. Belly support:

some of you mamas might find this painful and uncomfortable, but it is necessary as it will help lessen the swelling of the tummy and help you get into shape faster.

It also prevents belly drooping.

It is great for caesarian section moms too.

>> You can find some here <<<

#3. a large bath/sitz bath:

the pain of childbirth stops after the baby comes forth, and only a few moms get away without a cut that extends to the anal region which is so painful…

It practically puts your life on a slow drive that basic activities like sitting down become laborious.

However, a large enough bath can help the healing process for such moms.

All you need to do is sit in the bath filled with hot water that you can tolerant and according to some doulas, adding salt and other birthing herbs will cleanse your private parts, and aid the healing process and stitches.

Using a good sitz bath soak >> like this one will help tremendously.

It also relaxes you and helps you sleep and perform your mom duties better.

#4. a stool softener:

please don’t forget this as part of your postpartum care kit.

The process of passing out urine or stool after having a baby is painful. And if the stretch limit on your anal muscle is not enough, tooling can be a reminder of the entire process.

A stool softener helps to relieve you of that pain and make bathroom visits less painful and stressful.

Furthermore, we employ every new mother to drink plenty of water; warm water will be great with lots of vegetables, soups, and fruits too.

A well-balanced diet will also help in breast milk production for your baby.

#5. shea butter or pure lanolin:

babies come hungry and if breastfeeding is part of your plan, then be prepared for some sore nipples.

The pain isn’t pleasant but by applying shea butter or lanolin helps with the soreness and they are gentle on your baby with no side effects.

This is the best nipple cream for breastfeeding relief.

#6. Fridababy Fridet, The MomWasher

this is good but optional if you feel you can wash your private area on your own.

However, the spray bottle allows you to have a direct hit in the required area with water to ensure that it’s cleaned.

These are our basic necessities that every postpartum mom should have, others items are comfortable underwears, nursing bras, comfortable nightwear, deodorants or perfumes (momma must smell nice) and some snacks and drinks to keep hunger at bay.

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If you want more help with postpartum recovery, check out this cute little handbook.

Welcome to motherhood and enjoy it. Share this article too 🙂

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