6 Helpful Tips for Disciplining Your Strong-Willed Child

How to discipline a strong willed kid

Knowing how to discipline a strong-willed child can really be challenging.

We try in our own way to correct this character but we are not successful and power struggles between parents and children, at home, become more frequent.

This is because we are not really implementing effective strategies to correct their behavior.

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Here you will discover the most effective tips to discipline a strong-willed child…

Change your strategy

Use positive reinforcements It is proven that threats, punishments, or blackmail are not really effective techniques to make children understand something; they really are techniques that are part of the past.

On the other hand, positive reinforcements give incredible results when it comes to wanting to change the behavior of a child, especially one with a strong will.

Rather than focus your attention on misbehavior, spot the times you are having the expected behavior and give it a reward.

The more you use this method, the child will understand that when he behaves well, he gets a much greater benefit.

You can reward him with a little treat, sincerely congratulating him or something that you think he will like very much.

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Choose your battles

Not all battles are worth it When a child is strong-willed, we must take it for granted that he will always want to make decisions for himself.

But not everything has to generate a discussion, that is, there are some things more important than others.

For example, we could let you choose the item of clothing you want to wear one day, but be more authoritative and firm when you express yourself rudely.

This will lessen the arguments at home and take you more seriously when you correct something important about your behavior.

Your child wants to choose

Provide a couple of options Strong-willed children have an instinct to master what is going on around them, and are very uncomfortable when they simply lose control over the things they do.

To work on this point, you must be more flexible with the options that the child has and make him feel that he has more decision-making power.

For example, would you like to practice more, soccer or tennis? o o you prefer apple or orange juice for breakfast?

Arguing is not the solution

Stay away when it is too much A battle between a child and an upset person is definitely not worth it.

We will simply have an extensive discussion that will go nowhere. What we must do in these cases is stop and walk away.

When we are angry we simply talk and discuss without thinking too much, it is best for both of us to return to this topic when they feel calm and ready to see a new perspective on the problem.

Lead by example and redirect your child

The reality is that children do not learn after an argument to change something.

An example is the best teacher for a strong-willed child.

They copy the behavior, as they are constantly watching their parents and by nature will adopt things from their behavior.

When children see us as being kind or respectful, you will be teaching them a way of being.

When the strong-willed child notices that we are not disturbed in an argument, his motivation to behave in this way will gradually decrease.

Maintain solid schedules and routines

Routines and schedules (like the ones taught here) are very important because they teach our children about discipline, especially when they have a strong character.

  • They become more docile to cooperate.
  • They change their behavior in a positive way
  • They act more predictably
  • Children have less stress
  • sleep better
  • They improve their cognitive skills
  • Children have a clear routine, which does not bother them

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