11 Unique DIY Newborn Halloween Costumes

Looking for some amazing DIY newborn Halloween costumes? Today this is exactly what you will find in this post. It always seems like newborn Halloween costumes are the same in the stores, you want something unique, and I get that.

You are in luck mama, because I just found the best DIY Halloween costumes for newborns on the internet, so look no further.

If you like any of these costumes, and make them, I would love to see them! Pin the picture from this post and use the tried it section to snap a photo of your little one in the costume to share with me! Looking forward to seeing all the cute and unique costumes being made this year for Halloween!

Newborn DIY Candy Corn Halloween Costume

DIY Baby Burrito Halloween Costume

Newborn Cabbage Patch Kids Halloween Costume with Stroller

DIY Baby Crayon Costume

Newborn DIY Pineapple Halloween Costume

Newborn DIY Gumball Halloween Costume

Newborn Mouse in A Mouse Trap Halloween Costume

Simple Baby DIY Lamb Halloween Costume

Newborn DIY Old Lady Halloween Costume

Newborn DIY Sushi Halloween Costume

Newborn DIY Cotton Candy Halloween Costume