12 Things to Keep Handy in Your Car With a Newborn Baby

When your newborn baby arrives right from the hospital, there are certain essentials that should be carried in order to ensure that the homecoming of your new family member is delightful.

It is extremely important to consider some of the essentials in your car to make the event more organized and joyful.

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Here are the best things to have handy with a newborn in the car today…

#1) Infant car seat

Consider using the infant only seats that are convertible seats designed for your infant.

Until the two years of age, the infant should be riding in the convertible seats according to the recommendation of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP).

#2) Baby Blanket

Baby needs something comfy for the ride no matter how short or long it is.

Consider leaving a baby blanket in the car at all times.

So you don’t forget it when rushing out the door.

We think these blankets are suitable to keep handy in the car.

#3) Baby carrier:

Baby carriers extremely travel-friendly, especially when you have to move around as it allows you to keep your hand free.

From convertible to sling to wrap, various styles are available considering the needs of yout situation.

#4) Nursing pillow

In order to keep the infant’s posture and position right, it is important to keep a nursing pillow.

In case, you are a breastfeeding mother, this will help you in carrying the newborn properly.

You can even try the contoured position to keep the pillow in place.

#5) Bottle and formula

You may need a bottle a little more sooner than you think.

The variety includes the breast-mimicking, classic style, BPA free bottles, and disposable liners.

For the formula, you can consider the organic, reflux-reducing, or the soy one.

Consider carrying bottles and formula that is suitable for your newborn in order to fulfill his requirement.

#6) TravelBassinet

Co-sleeper, which is also called Bassinet, can be extremely handy for the mothers whose newborns are used to sleep somewhere near them.

It can be easily transferred through the padded drop sides.

These co-sleepers can be wonderful for the initial few months of time.

Other than that, they can be easily attached anywhere to ensure the protection of the little one.

#7) Clothes

In the case of burping and spitting out which is extremely normal for the newborns, there is an essential need to carry some clothes in the car.

In this way, you can instantly change the dress.

Other than that, you should even carry any footed PJs as well.

Consider having one-piece footed pajamas for the initial period of time while traveling.

These little bags are perfect for storing your baby clothes in the car!

#8) Diapers and backpack

Consider the brand of diaper that has microfiber surface and waterproof resistance.

In this way, this diaper will be able to provide the longevity that is essential while traveling.

You can even consider a backpack to carry extra diapers that can be slung, cross body, or might have straps.

Heres our favorite bag!

Other things to have handy:

  • wipes should be used to keep the new baby clean.
  • Diaper cream should be kept in order to keep the baby’s butt safe and soft.
  • A digital thermometer should also be carried in order to avoid any serious medical issue.
  • Lastly, keeping a good quality nail clipper is important as the baby nails grow quickly.

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