40 Letter Board Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

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Congratulations you’re pregnant! Now whether you’re waiting a little while to announce the baby or you’re about to announce the baby at this very moment, these are some cute and simple letterboard pregnancy announcement ideas to send to anyone you want to tell.

These cute ideas are perfect for social media or to even send out with snail mail if that’s your thing.

The two most important things that you will need to make these pregnancy announcement happen is a letter board like this one and a sense of humor.

Why letterboards are so fun to use with your pregnancy announcements

Letterboards are fun to use with your pregnancy announcements because they allow you to express your joy and creativity in a simple and stylish way.

You can customize your message with different fonts, colors, emojis, and symbols to suit your personality and theme.

You can also add some humor, puns, or quotes to make your announcement more memorable and shareable.

Letterboards are versatile and easy to use, and you can reuse them for other occasions or as home decor.

They are also a great way to involve your partner, kids, pets, or other family members in the announcement.

Letterboards are a fun and trendy way to announce your pregnancy and celebrate your growing family.

How to use letterboards for your pregnancy announcement

If you’re looking for a creative and fun way to announce your pregnancy, you might want to try using letterboards.

Letterboards are boards with slots that you can insert letters into to spell out any message you want.

They come in different sizes, colors and styles, and you can find them online or in craft stores.

Here are some tips on how to use letterboards for your pregnancy announcement:

  • Choose a catchy phrase that reflects your personality and excitement. You can use a pun, a rhyme, a quote, a joke or anything else that suits your style. For example, “We’re adding another pumpkin to our patch”, “Our family is growing by two feet”, “Coming soon: Baby #2” or “The best is yet to come”.

  • Pick a letterboard that matches your theme and decor. You can go for a classic black and white board, a colorful board, a wooden board or a metallic board. You can also choose a board that has a frame, a stand or a hook for hanging.

  • Arrange the letters on the board carefully and make sure they are aligned and spaced evenly. You can use a ruler, a pencil or a tape measure to help you with this. You can also use symbols, emojis, numbers or punctuation marks to add some flair to your message.

  • Find a good spot to display your letterboard. You can place it on a table, a shelf, a wall or anywhere else that has good lighting and background. You can also accessorize your letterboard with props, such as balloons, flowers, ultrasound photos, baby shoes or stuffed animals.

  • Take a photo of your letterboard and share it with your friends and family. You can post it on social media, send it via email or text, or print it out and mail it. You can also use filters, stickers, frames or captions to enhance your photo.

Where to find letterboards for your pregnancy announcement

You can find letterboards in different sizes, colors, and styles online or in craft stores.

Some of them even come with extra letters, symbols, or emojis to spice up your announcement.

My preference for finding the best ones are on Amazon and you can check them all out by clicking here!

Have fun and congratulations!

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