25 Creative Pregnancy Announcement Ideas to Surprise Your Husband

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Woohoo! 🎉 You are pregnant!

In this post, I am going to give you creative pregnancy announcement ideas that you can choose from to surprise your husband and let him know you are pregnant right now!

This is going to be fun… 😀

There’s going to be a lot of things to do now that you are pregnant – but first… Let’s tell the daddy to be, shall we?!

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Here are my top pics of the most creative pregnancy announcement ideas to surprise your baby daddy with today…

(I curated this list into visuals with pictures and a link to the OP if you need more info on the announcement idea) Pin anything you like as well! It really helps me out. 😍📌

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Sports Teams Husband Pregnancy Reveal 

Mock Proposal Husband Pregnancy Announcement 

Two Hearts Husband Pregnancy Reveal

Chocolates Husband Pregnancy Announcement 


Video Game Inspired Husband Announcement

Surprise Announcement Box for Husband

Candy Letter to Husband Announcement

Funny Mug Quote Gift for Husband

Tiny Letter Husband Pregnancy Announcement 

Under Construction Husband Pregnancy Announcement


Funny Card Pregnancy Husband Announcement

Ring Box Announcement to Husband

Daddy Promotion Announcement Gift Box

Old Broken Phone Husband Announcement

Cute Rhyming Letter with Test Stick Husband Announcement

Message in A Bottle Pregnancy Announcement to Husband

Front Door Husband Announcement

Picture Frame with Test Strip Husband Announcement

Pretty Stationery Card Husband Announcement

New Daddy Toolbox Announcement to Husband

Engraved Silver Spoon Husband Announcement

Cute Nauseous Husband Pregnancy Reveal 

Sweet and Simple Pregnancy Announcement to Husband

Funny Wine Label Pregnancy Husband Announcement Idea

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