13 Good Reasons Why Your Newborn Should Go To Preschool

So you’re thinking about putting your newborn in preschool or wondering what the benefits are of putting your newborn in preschool…

Hey there! My name is Jennifer and I’ve been a preschool teacher for over 10 years.

I’ve taken care of newborns all the way up to VPKers.

My last couple of years being a preschool teacher I spent in the infant room.

I’ve been close to the kids in all the classrooms through the years and I know one things for sure… those who have been there since the infant room are leaps and bounds ahead of the ones just starting.

Whether that be they are starting at 2, 3 or 5 years old.

I’m not saying those kids are behind, I am just saying those kids haven’t learned as much as the ones who have been there from day 1. Unless you have had the time to teach them yourself, in that case, right on mama!

I have seen time and time again kids who start in the infant room have an advantage to the ones who don’t.

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Preschool vs daycare

I bet you are wondering why I am saying to put your infant in preschool rather than daycare.

I know a lot of people call childcare facilities daycares but I just want you to think about it like this, us preschool teachers or childcare providers are not caring for the day, we are caring for your child.

Therefore we actually prefer the term child care provider or preschool.

There are different types of preschools like providers who only take infants and toddlers, and then there are providers that only take three-year-olds to VPK students depending on if they are potty trained or not.

Most people will refer to daycare as infant and toddler childcare and preschool as 3 to 5-year-olds.

Contrary to popular belief most preschools are basically both.

Meaning, preschools will have infant rooms all the way up to VPK rooms.

This is the type of preschool I suggest putting your infant in.

After you read the post, I highly suggest you head over to this post I wrote on how to figure out what preschool to choose for your baby.


What are the benefits of putting your newborn in preschool?

There are many benefits for newborns to start preschool at 3 months old.

#1) Stable Routine and Schedule

Now, I am not saying you wouldn’t provide this for your baby but it’s a guarantee that their schedule and routine will stay the same day after day.

Most of the time the infant teachers will ask you what your schedule is for your newborn and they will stick to it until you want to change it.

For newborns having a steady schedule and routine helps them know what’s coming next. Believe it or not they will catch on over time.

You would be surprised how much your infant will grow a custom to a steady routine and schedule.

This will help your baby sleep better and eat better too. They also become less fussy the longer they’re in preschool because of the daily routine.

A simple schedule for your newborn in a preschool would be something like:

  • Feed every 2 hours
  • Burp after feeding everytime
  • Nap after feeding or nap at certain times

Depending on if your baby is breastfeeding, bottles feeding, having snacks or baby food will determine your newborns schedule.

Teachers will automatically change diapers every 2 hours by default. But if you have any special instructions for that too, you would add it to the schedule you provide.

Providing your newborn’s teacher with a schedule also helps in the event that your baby needs to take any medical treatments such as nebulizers etc…

#2) Helps With Independence

Putting your newborn baby into a preschool will help with independence.

The reason for this is because they are not the only baby in the room.

So naturally because of this your baby will be playing in a newborn gym, or on the swing, or on the floor with some toys alone or with a friend. (not all the time but periodically)

They will not be held like you would hold your baby at home, which is actually good for them.

They will learn new things on their own like, lifting themselves up, playing with a new toy, or even beginning to walk on their own over time.

Of course with teachers near by and ready to tend to any needs they have at the same time.

There’s nothing like an independent baby!

#3) Gives Baby Social Interaction

Your baby will benefit from all the people around them at school.

From the teachers to the other babies in the classroom there’s so much to take in and learn from everyone.

I have seen babies facing each other in jumpers having a blast screaming back-and-forth and it’s seriously the cutest thing.

Teachers will sing to them and play with them and talk to them and read to them!

Having that social interaction keeps babies happy and healthy.

Without social interaction your baby will get bored. Therefore become cranky.

#4) Gives Them an Academic Boost

Because your baby is starting preschool super early they will learn things earlier as well.

Teachers are constantly showing newborns colors and shapes as well as the alphabet and numbers.

By the time they’re in the one or two-year-old room they will absolutely know their colors and shapes.

And it just gets better after that! It is easier for them to learn numbers and letters as well as learn to read as early as 3 1/2 years old!

My best friend who is also a preschool teacher has her three-year-olds writing their names already!

They will be leaps and bounds ahead of the kids who didn’t go to preschool once they get to kindergarten. (considering they did not get the kind of education a preschool provides for a child)

#5) Strengthens Their Immune System

It’s inevitable when you start preschool your baby is going to get sick.

New school new germs. That’s how the saying goes…

But look at the bright side, by the time they’re a little bit older most likely they won’t get sick as much as the kids who never went to preschool.

But honestly don’t take my word for it because I am not a doctor and every child comes with their own manual.

Before putting your newborn in preschool they will need to be up-to-date with shots as every newborn (and child) is required. (unless you have official paperwork stating otherwise)

But that won’t stop your baby from getting the common cold or strep throat.

Most of the time when your baby first starts preschool they will get sick a little more than usual, but that passes over time as their immune system strengthens.

#6) Provides Healthy Sensory Stimulation

Your baby will be exposed to a ton of sensory activities in preschool.

Some healthy sensory stimulation activities your baby will experience in preschool are:

  • Music and instruments
  • Singing and clapping
  • toys
  • Mirrors
  • Painting

It’s really fun and important for newborns to experience these things on a daily basis.

#7) Helps With Speech and Communication Development

While your newborn is in preschool they are constantly getting talked to by the teachers.

They also learn to communicate in their own little way to help the teachers understand their wants and needs.

Which will help you at home with your baby as well.

Your baby will learn to communicate with you the same way they learn to communicate with their teachers.

Teachers will read books to your newborn, they will sing songs, they will talk to your baby like a normal human being and not in baby talk.

Using baby talk is not recommended unfortunately, talking to babies like normal human beings helps develop their communication skills a lot faster.

Meaning, they will learn how to say words the right way so everyone understands them.

I have noticed babies as young as only one years old using two to three word sentences flawlessly from being in the infant room.

It truly amazes me how young these babies can learn when given the right environment to be able to do so.

#8) Provides Adequate Nutrition

There’s a 50-50 chance your baby will attend a preschool that provides food.

If you find a preschool that provides food, congratulations because that’s the BEST.

Preschools actually provide baby food, formula and snacks.

All the food and formula provided by the preschool is FDA approved and follows up to date nutritional guidelines.

If your newborns school provides formula, a good suggestion would be to switch your babies formula to the formula the school uses to save some money.

#9) Gives Them More Confidence

Being in a preschool setting your newborn will be independent enough to explore their environment freely which in turn will give them a boost of confidence.

Between interacting with their peers and their teachers they will feel more secure and sure about themselves and the people around them.

Their confidence will only grow overtime as they get older and move to older classrooms.

Soon they will walk in like they own the place. Trust me.

#10) It’s Fun for Them!

I know you think you are fun mama, but come on!

Even your baby will get bored of you and daddy eventually.

Newborns have a ton of fun at preschool.

Between singing and dancing and playing, their little smiles show they are having a blast!

Newborns also go outside at least twice a day.

Yes even the little ones who can’t walk.

Most preschools will bring 1 or 2 babies outside at a time and interact with them.

It gives them a change of scenery and they have a lot of fun enjoying the fresh air and sunshine.

Other teachers even visit the baby’s because who can resist right?

Newborns are the favorites in preschool (sshh! don’t tell the others) Some schools even have a buggy that they use to take the baby’s for a walk around the school property.

#11) It Will Help Them Sleep Better at Night

Being a busy baby is exhausting.

You’ll find that when your newborn is at school they will come home tired and ready to go down for the night after their nighttime routine.

Obviously if your baby is used to waking up and feeding, especially if they’re breastfeeding, this might not pertain to you…

But I have found when I had my son in preschool he only woke up once every night for a bottle until about six months, then he started sleeping through the night.

Pro tip: Ask the teacher to try to keep your baby awake at the end of the day. So they are good and tired by the time they come home. I asked my sons teacher to not let him nap after 3:30pm.

It works.

#12) You Will Get Amazing Support and Guidance From Their Teachers

Having teachers who know your baby is a wonderful advantage.

As long as the both of you communicate properly, it will benefit you.

They can give you advice on if your baby is showing signs of wanting to start solid food, or wanting to sleep less and play more.

They can tell you your baby’s milestones and give you guidance on proper evaluations and programs in case your baby is falling behind.

you can also talk to your teacher about the things you would like your baby to work on while they are at school. Things like crawling, eating solids, walking etc…

Don’t underestimate the power of communicating with your newborns teacher!

#13) They Will Be Well Taken Care of While You Get a Much Needed Break or Go Back to Work

This ones totally for you mama but I had to add it in!

Whether you are a stay at home mom or you want to go back to work, preschool provides a little bit of a break that we seriously need as new moms.

Don’t think you have to do everything with your newborn every second of the day.

If you want to that’s great, but in all reality to save all of our sanity, it’s good to have a place your newborn can go so you can relax and reset.

This will help you be the best mom you can be!

I’m betting you are the best mom! Because you read this whole post and now you feel ready and confident to put your baby in preschool.

If you’ve been pondering the thought this is your sign!

Do it, your child will thank you later. Or maybe you’ll just thank yourself. 😊

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