10 Creative Summer Baby Shower Themes

Its the summer and your having a baby! Or someone you know is having a baby and your hosting the shower!

Now I know its hard being pregnant during the summer or even having an event during the summer especially outside in the hot sun, or maybe you love being outside in the sun, who am I so assume.

Either way, we are having a baby shower!

I know your looking for cute baby shower ideas that are summer themes or just some cute ideas to incorporate into the baby shower that is summer themed, here you will find just that.

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More baby shower ideas I know you’ll love:

#1. Taco baby shower

#2. Lemon themed baby shower

#3. Flamingo baby shower theme

#4. You are my sunshine themed baby shower

#5. Backyard baby shower theme

#6. Summer garden baby shower

#7. Citrus theme baby shower

#8. Owl themed summer baby shower

#9. Vibrant tropical baby shower theme

#10. One in a melon watermelon baby shower theme

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