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10 Unique Baby Shower Ideas for Boys

10 Unique Baby Shower Ideas for Boys


Congratulations on finding out that you are having a baby boy!

Preparing for a baby shower and have no idea where to start?  Perhaps you’re scouring the internet and just can’t come up with the right ideas 

unfortunately, I didn’t even have a baby shower.  I used to work at a preschool and I got everything I needed and I just didn’t need to have a baby shower…

but I know the frustration of trying to come up with ideas for them and I think I was relieved that I didn’t have to have one after all.

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So to make things easier for you I have carefully curated these awesome baby shower ideas for some inspiration as your planning…

Elephant Themed



Found on Catch My Party


Favour Boutique





Rock a Bye Baby Shower





Precious Cargo Themed



Found On Spaceships & Laser Beams


Woodland Baby Shower



Found On Karas Party Ideas


Ducky Baby Shower



Found On The Sugar Bee Bungalow


Mustache Theme



Found On Spaceships & Laser Beams


Under The Sea



Found On Embracing Home Baby Showers


Tortuga Turtle Baby Shower


Brown Bear Brown Bear





Heaven Sent



Found On Mom Delice


I hope you find these themes very helpful for you as you plan your baby boy’s baby shower.


Planning a baby shower could be quite stressful so don’t stress too much and have fun with it!


Let me know if you decided to go with any of these ideas maybe even send me your pictures! I would love to see how you decorated your baby shower.


Just hit the contact button and shoot me a message and throw a picture in there if you can! 🙂


If you liked this post on 10 Unique Baby Shower Ideas for Boys or have any questions please leave a comment down below!





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