Best Beach Gear for Baby (A helpful list)

Taking a baby to the beach can be a rewarding experience as they enjoy new sights and sounds and have fun with the family. But, it can also be stressful knowing what to pack to keep them safe and happy all day. You want to be sure that you get the very best for your kids. So, what are some of the best baby beach gear that you shouldn’t be without this summer?

Below are some baby beach gear must haves for your next trip. You will find items that will enhance the experience for both you and your child. There are three products per category to showcase some of your options, although one always shines through as the better option for most parents.

The best beach tent for babies.

One of the best ways to keep your baby safe at the beach is to provide some shade and shelter in a tent. This gives them a secure place to have fun or nap with adequate shelter from the sun. Some of the best baby beach tents also have little pools, so they can have the fun of being in the water and cooling off without going near the ocean.

1) iGeeKid Baby Beach Tent Pop Up Shark Baby Pool Tent

This first beach tent for infants is adorable and sure to stand out on the beach. The wide canopy offers 50+ UV protection and covers the whole interior for cool shelter. The design with the teeth on the fringe and the eyes make it look like a shark. Then there is a little pool area within for just enough water to splash around in. An added benefit for parents is the pop-up design of the polyester tent for quick installation. But you do still have to dig out an area in the sand for the pool. It is simple but effective.

2) Monobeach Baby Beach Tent

This next option is a popular model that focuses on the convenience for parents and the safety of the child over the design. There is another wide canopy with the same UV protection which shade the interior of the tent. A large part of that interior is given over to the pool area, and this looks more structurally sound than the one above. You also get a carry bag for transportation and some pegs to stake the tent into the sand. But, the design is a bit dull for young children.

3) FBSPORT Baby Beach Tent with Basketball Hoop

The best baby beach tent in this guide, however, has to be this model from FBSport. Here you get more than just the pool and canopy area as there is a little basketball hoop on an additional screen. Babies can test their motor skills here and play games with siblings while still getting all the safety benefits from the large canopy and the cool water. You can fill the 37’’ diameter pool with water, toys, or balls. It is a lot bigger than other models, but you don’t have to dig to make the pool. At the end of the day, it all folds up neatly into a little bag with a handle for easy transportation.

The best beach toys for babies

Next, how about some fun beach toys that babies and other young children can enjoy? A trip to the shore can be fun and educational at any age as long as you have the right toys with you. Look out for durable items that are reusable and could also work in sandboxes at home.

1) Cubic Fun Sand Toys Bath Toys for Kids

A good bucket and spade set is a go-to item for kids on the beach. While babies will need some supervision, it is still a creative learning and bonding experience as you dig the sand and create the shape. This set is really cute because, in addition to the elephant-shaped bucket and little digging tools, you also get some smaller molds for smaller hands. These are all shaped like water-loving creatures – a crab, whale, crocodile, and turtle – and are different colors. The molds also double up as water toys with holes for a rainfall effect.

2) The First Years Disney Mickey Mouse Baby Bath Squirt Toys for Sensory Play

If you prefer the idea of something for use in the water, perhaps in that little pool that is part of the baby’s tent, this is a nice alternative option. It isn’t clear how authentic or affiliated with Disney these toys are. However, they look great and come in a range of designs. The little characters in their rubber rings float in the water and have a squirting action for interactive play. A bonus here is that you can also use these during bath time at home.

3) Green Toys Dump Truck in Yellow and Red

If you want something that babies can play with by themselves, this has to be a top choice. Buckets and spades only offer so much engagement, whereas a truck is a hands-on experience. Babies can test out their motor skills with this cute little dumper truck and interact with the sand, perhaps helping siblings in their sandcastle building ventures. The truck is made from recycled plastic and should be durable and enjoyable enough for use in different situations.

The best sunscreen for babies

Even if you choose to put your baby in a tent for the majority of your time on the beach, they still need sunscreen to protect their delicate skin. It is important to find a formula that is gentle on your child’s skin and easy to apply, while still providing a strong enough SPF.

1) Blue Lizard Baby Mineral Sunscreen with Zinc Oxide

This is a product that immediately jumps out to parents because of Elmo. Why is there a Sesame Street tie in here? Who knows. But, you do get a nice formula with no artificial fragrance or nasty chemicals and plenty of helpful minerals. It also comes in a large 8.75fl.oz bottle for plenty of applications. However, it is important to note that this one is SPF 30 while the next two are SPF 50.

2) Baby Bum SPF 50 Sunscreen Lotion

Next, we have another product with SPF50 that has a natural and fragrance-free formula for added safety. This simple formula is designed for use on sensitive skin and the tube design makes it easy to apply. There is also a nice amount of nourishing ingredients here, such as coconut oil and shea butter and it is all vegan. The downside is that this 3fl.oz bottle is the only one in the pack, so there isn’t the same value.

3) Babyganics SPF 50 Travel Size Baby Sunscreen Lotion

This has to be the best choice because it ticks so many boxes. There is a lot to consider here when looking at what is and isn’t included in this formula. There is a deliberate attempt to be free from any questionable chemical and there is also no artificial fragrance. This lowers the chance of irritation or allergic reactions. Instead, there are lots of natural ingredients for skin health, including lots of seed oils, and there is an SPF rating of 50. A bonus here is that you get four of these 2fl/oz tubes. This is great for travel and one easy-to-use tube should fit in a purse with ease.

The best sun hat for babies

Sunscreen is essential for protecting kids against sunburn and damaged skin. But, you also need to be sure that your kids have a good sun hat. The right hat will shield their eyes and provide added protection while also being secure and comfortable to wear.

1) Kancool Baby Sun Hat

Bucket hats with wide brims are always a cute choice for babies because they are soft and provide plenty of protection from the sun. this one is especially cute with the tropical pineapple print. Other unisex designs are available and there is a breathable lining instead to stop kids from getting too hot. The only downside is that the adjustable tie around the chin might not be as secure as on other products.

2) I play. by green sprouts Baby Boys’ Flap Hat

This next hat is one that parents will either love or hate because of its shape. Some will appreciate the shielding from the stiffer peak on the cap and the broad piece of material around the neck. Others may find it is a bit much for younger babies. If you do like the shape, there are lots of great prints to choose from. The green sealife version is particularly cute and well-suited to a day at the beach.

3) LAPI.ZAPI Baby Sun Hat

Finally, we have this top pick that is both adorable and practical for a great experience. The bucket cut is a great shape and the broad rim should provide adequate protection from the sun. There is also a nice chin strap with a secure fastening rather than a more flimsy tie. This should keep the hat on without being too tight. There are different sizes available to suit various ages and a wide range of reversible designs. You can even get some packs of two hats to mix and match with different outfits.

The best bags to carry all these baby beach gear must haves

Finally, it helps to think about how you will transport everything you need down to the beach. You need a practical bag with room for everything you need, that is also comfortable to use. Remember that it is always better to pack too much than too little, so a bag with effective organization is a must.

1) F-color Mesh Oversized Beach Tote

A simple tote bag always goes down well at the beach because of the ease of use and capacity. This one has an extra-large storage space inside for all kinds of items for the whole family. There are also side pockets where you can put smaller items like those bottles of sunscreen or a phone or wallet. It is bigger than it looks because of the see-through mesh design. This mesh isn’t the most attractive but there are a few color choices.

2) Ricdecor Large Beach Bag

If you like the idea of totes, but not the idea of people being able to see everything inside, this could be a better choice. This extra-large fabric tote has a massive interior space where you can throw in everything at the end of the day. There are additional side pockets and secure handles. You can even attach the handles together for more strength. The blue and white striped version is a great choice for beach gear but there are also some fun tropical prints. There is even the promise that it is machine washable.

3) Lightspeed Outdoors Ultimate Water Resistant Backpack Beach Tote

This final product is the best of the bunch, however, because it is so practical. There are two ways to use this bag. The first is as a tote, with the typical handles and top opening. But, that interior compartment also has a zip and you can use backpack straps instead. This allows for hands-free transportation from the beach to the car. There are additional pockets for smaller items and it is still a good size at 24 liters. The design also means that it works for other situations than just a trip to the beach.

Finding the best baby beach gear for your child

This list just scratches the surface when it comes to the items you will need for your baby beach checklist. It is also important to have some spare clothes, food, and other basic supplies with you. But, with the best tent, hat, sunscreen, toys, and a bag to put everything in, you should be on course for a great time. You will be able to provide the best protection and entertainment for your child and not worry about how to get everything back to the car.