10 Surefire Pumping Tips to Increase Your Breast Milk Supply

How to Increase Milk Supply When Pumping

Breastfeeding is the surest way to develop a maternal connection with your new bundle of joy, and if you have one that feeds well, you might feel like your breast milk is insufficient.

Even if your baby is feeding fine, pumping your breast will help produce more milk for your baby.

Even though the breast will readily produce more milk, it helps to know that even after a baby suckles, 25% of milk is left in the breast sac and limits the production of breast milk.

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Tips for effective pumping to increase breast milk

The emptier the breast, the faster the milk production, and except you have other plans for the milk, we will advise regulating pump times and duration.


like everything related to human beings, anxiety and stress will limit the flow of breast milk and flow.

Remain calm during pumps or be close to your baby to trigger that motherly instinct to care and provide.

Use the Right Pumps

If you are new to using breast pumps, read the instruction manual well, or seek advice and help from nursing moms or moms that have used the pump.

It will help to practice too.

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Stay Hydrated

pumping increases thirst which in turn limits the milk flow during pumping.

Drink lots of water, natural juices, or healthy drinks to produce more breast milk.

Pump Often

pumping your breast empties them faster and triggers more milk production.

Try to extract the milk at regular intervals and don’t spend more than 20 to 30 minutes on a breast.

Furthermore, pumping is tiring so it will help to get comfortable for the process.

Stimulate the Breasts

this prepares the breast for pumping and increases the flow of milk from the boobs.

To stimulate the breast, place a clean, warm, cotton cloth on the bosom to start the preparation process.

Avoid Unhealthy Habits

as a nursing mom that pumps, avoid caffeine or caffeine-related drinks as they can affect the sleep pattern of your baby-making then cranky and fussy.

Furthermore, avoid alcohol and cigarettes too.

Eat a Well-Balanced Diet

a healthy diet of fruits, vegetables, lean proteins will increase your breast milk and make pumping easier and faster.

Add a simple exercise like walking for 20 to thirty minutes daily too.

Freeze excess Breast Milk or donate it

the more you pump; the more milk you produce.

To avoid the breast from feeling engorged, store fresh breast milk in the freezer, and warm to reuse.

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Best pump Times:

The best time to pump is in the mornings and in the evenings when the body is well-rested and in the cause of the day, milk gathers up gradually until the evenings.

However, this is different for every mom, and it is best to pump when your breasts feel full and heavy to avoid pain.

Be Clean and Hygienic

Wash your hands and all the instruments needed before pumping.

This will ensure that the breast milk is clean and germ-free for your baby.

Finally, always find time to connect with your baby regardless of pumping and cherish every moment too.

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10 Surefire Pumping Tips to Increase Your Breast Milk Supply