Old Wives’ Tales for Gender Prediction (7 pregnancy symptoms and 4 tests to try)

One of the most exciting parts of pregnancy is revealing the gender of your baby.

Before ultrasounds, there were several ways to try and find out what a mother was having with some based on pregnancy symptoms and others being little “tests” you could try.

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These have never been scientifically proven but they are a fun part of pregnancy that most women enjoy.

Here are some old wives’ tales for gender predictions so that you can guess what you are having!

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Pregnancy Symptoms

Sweet or Salty?

If you are craving all things sweet, then you are having a girl! Salty cravings, a boy! Some even say you are having a boy when you crave high protein-rich foods as well. Craving all of it just means you’re pregnant.

How do you Sleep?

If you tend to sleep on your left more often, it means boy. If you prefer your right side, then it’s a girl!

Morning Sickness

While this symptom is a normal part of any pregnancy, if you have an excessive amount of morning sickness or just an overall upset stomach, that means you are having a girl.

Hair and Skin Complexion

Is your skin glowing? Does your hair rival shampoo commercials? If yes, you are having a boy! Breakouts and dull hair? It’s a girl! The wives’ tale states that daughters steal the mother’s good looks, hence the acne and hair.

Moody or Mellow?

if you find yourself more cranky and moody, that means girl. Feeling chill and mellow? Then you are having a boy!

High or Low?

Does your pregnant belly sit lower by your hips? Legends say you are having a boy. Is your belly higher towards your ribs? A girl it is!

What is your Baby’s Heart Rate?

It has been said that if the heartbeat of the baby is 140bpm or faster, then you are expecting a girl. When the heartbeat is right around 140bpm or slightly slower, then it’s a boy!

Tests for Finding Out the Gender

The Ring Test

Find a ring and tie it to a string and hold it directly over your growing belly. If it moves in a circular motion, that means boy! If it moves side to side, then it’s a girl! You can do it yourself, or have someone hold the string for you.

Chinese Gender Chart

When your age and the year that you conceived are both even numbers, that means you are expecting a baby girl. If they are odd numbers, then you are having a boy.

Show Your Hands

If your partner or a friend asks to see your hands and you present them facing down, that means it’s a boy. When you show your hands with your palms facing up, you are having a girl.

Ask A Toddler

If you have a friend or family member with a male toddler, spend time with them to determine the gender of your baby. If the little boy shows interest in you or your belly, that means you are expecting a girl. If they ignore you, then its a boy.


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