11 Early Pregnancy Signs & Symptoms

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Early Pregnancy Symptoms

Symptoms of early pregnancy can be very tricky no doubt.

It goes way beyond skipping a period or feeling nauseous.

Hell, research shows some women still experience their period or slight bleeding even with a baby in their womb.

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So how then can you know you have another life or an extra set of lives growing within you.

This can be known by the presence of a range of early pregnancy symptoms. These are discussed below.

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1)    A Missed Cycle

Missing a period or a couple of periods is one of the earliest and most detectable signs of early pregnancy. Though this does not rule out the possibility of bleeding at intervals during the pregnancy period and missing some cycles indicates you might need to run some tests. A pregnancy test inclusive.

2)    Tender And Swollen Breasts

During the first few weeks of pregnancy, your breasts are likely to experience hormonal changes. These changes are most likely to cut across tenderness, soreness or tingles from time to time. This, however, varies from woman to woman. A couple of ladies are usually faced with fuller or heavier breasts.

3)    Feeling Of Nauseousness, With Or Without Vomiting

Morning sickness despite its name can occur at any time of the day or night. It’s a classic when it comes to recognizing the early stages of pregnancy. It sometimes can begin as soon as two weeks from the date of conception and is borne out of increased estrogen levels. This induces the stomach to process food and empties it slower than usual. Along with the morning sickness is an increased sense of smell. This goes to say that scents from perfumes, cigarettes or cooked meals are most likely to trigger this feeling of nauseousness.

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4)    Feeling Of Fatigue

If you go through the early stages of pregnancy without finding yourself regularly experiencing fatigue and tiredness then you’re in luck. Ladies highly experience this symptom in the first couple of weeks from conception. During pregnancy, progesterone hormone levels hit the roof. When it’s high enough, you’re left feeling drowsy enough to need a nap. Furthermore, the feeling of tiredness can be sponsored by lower blood pressure, lower blood sugar levels, and a heightened level of blood production. All of these are sure to sap your energy.

5)    Mood Swings

Getting pregnant usually comes with a huge wave of hormones which would sure get you emotional and weepy at one time and feeling great the very next moment. These mood swings are a symptom you would have to deal with for the first trimester of pregnancy.

6)    Constipation

This is tied to progesterone hormone. When it soars, digestion becomes a slower process. An increase in its level induces food to move at a slower rate through the intestine. This undoubtedly results in constipation.

7)    Cramping Or Light Bleeding

The fact that a bundle of joy is in that womb doesn’t rule out the possibility of light bleeding.  Its presence also counts as a symptom of pregnancy in its early stage. Sometimes, a little amount of spotting or bleeding in the vaginal area reflects implantation bleeding. It occurs at instances when the already fertilized egg attaches itself to the uterus lining. This attachment arises about ten to two weeks after fertilization has taken place. This bleeding, however, possesses lighter coloration, is earlier and more spotty than the usual period. It also has a shorter duration. The cramps on its part that comes with this bleeding are no different than normal menstrual cramps and also constitute symptoms of early pregnancy.

8)    Increased Basal Body Temperature

When we discuss your basal temperature, it’s your oral temperature at your moment of waking up in the morning hours. This temperature naturally rises a little after an ovulation period and stays the same until the next ovulation. This body routine is different from a pregnant woman. In their cases, the ovulation continues over a period and does not stagnate. If you’ve been keeping tabs on your basal body temperature and its result is similar to the latter, it’s most likely you’re pregnant.

9)    Food Cravings

A pregnant woman most times loves her meals much more than ever. This goes to say that pregnancy kick-starts these insane cravings. This, however, differs from woman to woman. Some ladies do find themselves losing appetite over some certain foods even those loved during the pre-pregnancy period. Changes in the hormones may trigger other food preferences. This is most rampant during the first trimester.

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10)    Headaches

Mild headaches are also a part of the early pregnancy symptoms. Blood circulation is, of course, sure to rise due to hormonal changes and the resultant effect is the frequency of mild headaches.

11)    Feelings Of Faintness And Dizziness

Now, you might occasionally feel light headed and dizzy during the first few weeks of your pregnancy. Blood vessels are sure to dilate, and blood pressures would undoubtedly drop. The result is the dizzy and light headed feeling. Faintness, on the other hand, may be induced by a drop in the blood sugar level.

If you are experiencing some of the symptoms discussed above, then a pregnancy test is well in line so you can commence prenatal care.

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