What You MUST Do in Your Second Trimester of Pregnancy

Reaching your second trimester? You might already be there!

You’re out of the first trimester and onto the actual “let’s get this party started” phase… Literally.

If you are struggling with morning sickness it should subside around this time. If not, Don’t worry, It’ll happen eventually.

You will be more energetic in the second trimester so this is the time we need to be putting that energy to use before the end of your pregnancy!

Hello! My name is Jennifer and I am a mommy to one awesome sauce little boy. Creator of this blog and a couple of others.

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I love doing what I do and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Helping new and expectant moms like yourself makes me super happy.

The second trimester may seem like the BEST TRIMESTER, and IT IS!

But that means we got to hustle to get as much done as we possibly can because that third trimester is going to be rolling around the corner and – some may feel ok but – for the most of us lovely ladies, we gonna need to slow down a bit.

If you don’t even know where to start then I highly recommend this pregnancy planner because it will help you with every stage of pregnancy and keep you on track and feeling accomplished!

You can use the planner in conjunction with the list I have provided here for your second-trimester to-do list. 🙂

Second Trimester To-do List:

Make sure you use these free to download pretty little pregnancy to-do lists I made just for you 🙂

Find a prenatal exercise class

If you have not found a prenatal exercise class now is a great time to start checking those out. Joining a class will help motivate you to keep going up with your physical health while pregnant.

Taking a prenatal class can also allow you to meet new pregnant moms in your area. You could just do a quick Google search for prenatal classes in whatever City you live in.

Taking a prenatal exercise class will benefit you and your baby.

Some benefits of taking a prenatal exercise class will lower your risk of certain pregnancy-related complications, help you sleep better, boost your energy, and get your body back to pre-baby faster.\

If you prefer to do some light exercises at home online, you can always use YouTube, they have awesome free workouts for every stage of pregnancy.

Sign up for your baby registry

You can sign up for a baby registry at your local Target or Babies R Us.

Although, nowadays it’s way easier to sign up for an online baby registry. Especially if you’re a busy mom who works full-time and has no time to go to your local stores, or maybe you just don’t feel up to walking around a store using the scanner they give you.

If you’re into keeping up with the Joneses, the Amazon baby registry has been an extremely popular choice for expectant mothers. The registry is super easy to sign up with.

It gives you the ability to send your unique special link to your family members through email or even post it on social media.

I used this when I was pregnant with Nicky and it worked like a charm.

My family members from out-of-state were easily able to buy something for him quickly and easily! Everything was sent straight to the address I provided when I initially signed up.

A piece of cake for everyone! If you haven’t signed up already what are you waiting for?

Call your insurance provider

If you are not put on government insurance you need to be calling your insurance company at this point.

It is very important that you get your baby put on to your insurance as soon as possible so that they will be able to cover the hospital expenses once you go into labor.

If they don’t cover everything, that’s ok, you’ll save money at the very least. Your insurance may even be able to cover your Dr. visit copays as well.

(pro tip) You can use this sign up form to see if you qualify for a FREE breast pump through your insurance company. (whaaaattt?!) 🙂

Start shopping for maternity clothes

Say hello to a new wardrobe because chances are that your clothes and even your shoes may not fit anymore.  

Most moms start looking pregnant between 12-15 weeks, and even if you are not showing you might find that your way more comfortable in maternity clothes at this point.

The most comfortable maternity clothes I found were leggings, maxi dresses,  sweatpants, and for my shoes (I know but for real though) crocs.

I found super cute Crocs that weren’t like the traditional ones and I wore those things throughout my whole pregnancy. I even got my non-pregnant coworkers to buy a pair.

You may also want to get maternity bras at this point. It’s better to be prepared and comfortable then be uncomfortable, especially if you’re working right now.

Make sure you check out my Amazon Store Front to get awesome must-haves. I have a whole section just for pregnancy and added all my favorite maternity clothes.

Plan a gender reveal party

At this point in your pregnancy, you will be able to find out the gender of your baby.

How exciting!

You can choose to keep it a secret until the baby is born or if you want a fun twist to the whole thing, gender reveal parties are a trendy thing these days!

Make sure you start planning this now. How nice would it be for fun photos you and your family can look back on?

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Tell your boss

OK so if you haven’t already, you need to tell your boss your pregnant.

They will need to know that you will be going on maternity leave so they can replace you while you are out.

This will give you time to plan your maternity leave and figure out if you will be able to take extra time off as well. Plus having your boss know your pregnant will benefit you.

It will give them a better understanding of your needs and not question your lack of energy or frequent bathroom breaks.

It is always a good thing when everyone is on the same page, especially at work.

Prepare the nursery

This is going to be your baby’s personal space so don’t rush it, especially if you know what the gender is already.

Choosing a color, putting safety measures, amongst other things might take a while. So its good to start now so you can gradually put this together before the baby comes.

There are so many ideas on Pinterest for nursery decor and organization.

I am guilty of using Pinterest rout when figuring out how to organize and decorate Nicky’s room.

We especially took a liking to the shower caddie idea. It worked out very well for us! It looked awesome and unique too.

Heres a picture of how we set them up in Nicky’s nursery…

here are some awesome pottery barn inspired cribs you can find on Amazon for your Nursery set up.

Plan your baby shower

As I said, were partying in the second-trimester guys…

If you haven’t taken the time yet to figure out the baby shower planning I would highly suggest starting right now.

Find your invitations and supplies right on Amazon…

I literally did everything through Amazon it is so easy, especially if you have PRIME. Hello, girl, get it. 2-day shipping is all the rave right now.

Getting off track – OK…

Baby shower essentials like decorations, games, invitations, and much more need to be established at this point in time.

Make sure you ask someone to help you with everything because it could get a little overwhelming (or a lot).

Call your best friend/ mom/cousin right now and brainstorm with them.

Sleep on your side

Sleeping on your side is going to be way more comfortable from this point on.

Sorry if you are a belly sleeper like me, I know how you feel. But thankfully my handy dandy body pillow solved this problem! So get one and use it. Every night.

I paid close attention to the side I was sleeping on as well.

Its beneficial to you and your baby to sleep on your left side improves circulation to the heart and allows optimal blood flow to the baby, the placenta, your uterus, and your kidneys!

Whatever you do, don’t sleep on your back.

Here is what parents.com has to say about the situation…

When you lie belly-up, the weight of your uterus can compress a major blood vessel, called the vena cava, disrupting blood flow to your baby and leaving you nauseated, dizzy, and short of breath. The best way to sleep during the second half of pregnancy is on your side.

You can also learn how to get better sleep here.

Take a babymoon if you can

I am sure you haven’t really been feeling up to doing anything with your honey lately.

Statistics show that most mothers feel there absolute best in this trimester so now is the best time to do all the things with your honey before its too late!

Plan a staycation or if you like traveling then go for it! Celebrate this special time in your lives.

Enjoy this time because you will soon be onto the thirst trimester which brings on some other things to do!

If you still have not taken a look at the pregnancy planner you can do so here. (trust me, it’s worth every penny)

If you enjoyed this article share it with a mom friend or two 🙂

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