5 Ways to Relieve Delivery Day Anxiety

Childbirth is one of the most notable experiences in a women’s life.

The millennium development goals focus on reducing infant mortality rates by 75%.

However, there is a lot of tension that is associated with birth that can lead to anxiety for you…

Well, there are ways on how you can deal with anxiety but you need to use the right approach.

In this article, we will examine ways to relieve delivery day anxiety.

Take an encouraging birth class at home

It is important to take an encouraging birth class at home to help you get rid of anxiety.

These classes are meant for you to learn everything that you need to know before delivery.

The teacher in this particular birth class is actually a labor and delivery nurse, and helps tons of moms like you get through birth anxiety by educating you and giving you the empowerment to go into the delivery room with confidence and knowledge.

Taking a birth class is so beneficial beforehand, I didn’t do this and I completely regret it now, especially after taking Mommy Labor Nurse Birth it Up online classes. (really kicking myself in the butt on this one)

She honestly made me realize I could have gone about my birth in a totally different way, and I feel like I would be doing a disservice to you, as a soon to be mama about to give birth – If I didn’t let you know about this amazin online class sooner…

Get more info here.

Debunk on myths that might be scaring you about birth

There is a lot of things that have been said about giving birth.

Some are scary and they might make you very anxious to an extent that it can lead to miscarriage.

One funny thing about birth myths is that it doesn’t have any scientific basis to support.

This is a clear indication that it is based on lies and misconceptions that might lower your confidence and make you feel like it is a life or death situation.

Well, don’t listen to any myths because it brings psychological disturbances about deliveries.

This means stearing clear of any birth stories that are unsettling.

DO NOT google things looking for anxiety ridden articles or social media posts.

If you have some questions about giving birth you can always consult medical professionals to help you out.

Learn relaxation techniques that work

There are various relaxation techniques that you can use to relieve you from anxiety.

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Most of them have been proven to be effective in preparing for safe deliveries.

You can also engage in exercise that will help in easing the tension letting you relax.

You can take a walk outside, or go for a relaxing swim.

There are a ton of youtube videos you can watch and follow along with that will help with relaxation during pregnancy.

Check this one out here (it only takes 5 minutes!):

Talk to someone about it

The good thing about giving birth is that it is not a strange experience.

Your first confidant should be your mom, partner, or a close friend.

Before you take in some toxic myths.

These are the people who will give you the support and hope you need.

Don’t suffer in silence but open up and ask everything that you feel might be the source of your worries and you will get perfect responses that will help you relieve the anxiety.

If you truly don’t have anyone to talk to about this. you can always consult a therapist as well.

Know you are not alone

If you happen to visit a delivery room you will see (obvi) that other women are giving birth.

This implies that you are NOT ALONE in this situation.

These women come from all walks of life, but they feel the same way we do.

You should find comfort knowing that thousands of women like you and. meare giving birth at any given time during every single day!

Shoot.. if they can do it YOU CAN DO IT!

You got this mama.

Leave me a comment down below of your worries, your excitements, whatever comes to mind.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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